MRVC invites tender for balance work of Khar Road station of Western Railway

Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Ltd. (MRVC), under Ministry of Railways (MOR), invites E- bids for Balance work of improvement of Khar Road station including provision of elevated decks, inter-connections between Deck/FOBs, skywalks, relocation of service buildings, stalls, kiosks etc., improving entry/exit, improving circulating areas etc. at Khar Road station of Western Railway.

  • Tender Reference Number: MRVC/W/205
  • Name of Work: Balance work of improvement of Khar Road station including provision of elevated decks, inter-connections between Deck/FOBs, skywalks, relocation of service buildings, stalls, kiosks etc., improving entry/exit, improving circulating areas etc. at Khar Road station of Western Railway.
  • Completion Period: 12 Months
  • EMD: INR 18,99,000 Lakh
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 03rd November, 2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 13th December, 2022
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 15th November, 2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 05th December, 2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 13th December, 2022
  • Bid Opening Date: 13th December, 2022


  • Mumbai’s suburban railway network is the busiest commuter train system with 8  million people using the trains to commute daily, it is no surprise that overcrowding here reaches epic proportions.
  • However, this is no mean feat, considering that the railways manage to ferry more people each day than you will find in an entire country like Switzerland or Singapore. Annually, the local railways transport 2.2 billion passengers, which is about a third of the world’s  population.
  • The capacity enhancement work under MUTP I & II have resulted in increase in Railway corridors, conversion of all 9 car rakes into 12 car rakes and conversion of 12 car rakes to 15 car rakes. These additional services have increased commuters’ volume at the station and therefore station capacities are required to be upgraded.
  • In addition, the circulating spaces for passengers have become restricted due to augmentation of service and increase of length of trains to 12/15 coach. There is urgent need for additional circulating space by provision of elevated decks, interconnection between FOBs, improving entry/exit projects.
  • There are a total 119 stations on the Mumbai Suburban Railway System. As most of the stations are more than 80 years old and are highly congested. It is therefore proposed that the suburban stations should be improved and upgraded from a passenger’s amenities point of view.


  • Objective of the proposal is to provide a improvement with holistic planning, which allows substantial increase of station’s quality of service, in terms of comfort, facilities and pedestrian fluidity including following:
  • Fast and efficient passenger flow: To deal with the level of traffic, existing difficulties in managing passengers’ movement and dispersal.
  • Safety and Security: To mend the decrepit structures and provide fire safety, in the station area.
  • Maximum Passenger Convenience: To make stations equipped in terms of services, commercial facilities, amenities and waiting premises.
  • Flexible Interiors: To take care of the fast construction, it is important to adapt the flexible/ modular interiors, so that in a short span of time, facilities can be provided.
  • It is planned to upgrade work consisting of provision of FOBs, elevated decks, inter connection between deck/FOBs, skywalk, relocation of service buildings, stalls, kiosks etc., improving entry/exit, improving circulating area, provision of green space, etc. at various stations of Central & Western Railways.


  • Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation has given consultancy contracts to M/s Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt. Ltd. and Gian P. Mathur & Associates Pvt. Ltd. for detailed planning for improvement of Identified Suburban Railway Stations of Central and Western Railway in Mumbai. Based on the study of said consultant 13 stations have been identified for inclusion in station improvement work along with following facilities:
    • Provision of new Deck, FOBs, Link ways, skywalks.
    • Inter connections between FOBs through Deck.
    • Provision of platforms, extension/Rebuilding of platforms
    • Provision of escalators and elevators.
    • Development of circulating areas, green patches.
    • Enabling works such as relocation of structures, utilities shifting.
  • The work is being funded by Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and considering the importance and priority of the work, successful tenderers will have to undertake the works at various stations simultaneously deploying adequate resources and ensure completion within prescribed time.
  • The works are difficult in nature considering working at busy suburban stations involves night blocks/ night working and involves working across the track/in between the track/close to track necessitating highest safety standards at work site.
  • Many of the activities across tracks shall have to be done in traffic and Power blocks which are generally available during night hours. The available traffic and power blocks are limited to one to one & half hours only. All the activities above running tracks and in vicinity of track i.e., within 3.50m from the center of tracks shall be done in these limited traffic blocks.
  • Further, there are a number of cables laid underground in work areas related to signaling, Power Supply, Telecom etc., entire excavation in the yards for foundation shall be done manually to avoid damages to underground utilities such as cables, water supply pipes, sewage lines etc.
  • No work within 2.50m from OHE wires shall be taken up without power shut down on OHE and earthing of OHE and shall be taken up only in presence of authorized competent staff of the Electrical department of MRVC/Railway.
  • The design and drawings of the work are developed/being developed by the consultant and approved drawings will be made available to the successful tenderer for undertaking the works on award of Tender. The drawings enclosed along with Tender are tentative.
  • The materials, designs, standard, considered in the work are of better quality in comparison to the existing interventions, with emphasis on durability and aesthetics. Interested tenderers shall go through the tender schedule, and technical specifications from the tender document for better understanding and appreciation of the scope of work involved in the Tender.

Khar Road station:

  • 84.00mX22.60m Deck over existing Platform No. 1&2 and New proposed Home Platform No. 1A.
  • 66.00-meter-long & (8.00 – 10.00) meter wide Home Platform No. 1A at West of Khar Road Station.
  • 31.00mX6.00m Skywalk at South end of Khar Road Station.
  • 9.00mX10.60m Deck over Platform no. 3&4.
  • 1 no. Staircase of PF no. 1&2, 1 no. Staircase of PF no. 3&4 and 1 no. Staircase on New Proposed platform no. 1A.
  • 1 no. Elevator of PF no. 1&2, 1 no. Elevator of PF no. 3&4 and 1 no. Elevator on New Proposed platform no. 1A. (only civil work)
  • 2 no. of Escalator at New Home Platform no. 1A. (only civil work)
  • 1 no. Station Manager Building at North-West, 1 no. Elevated Booking Office & 1 no. Elevated Toilet over 22.6m wide Deck.
  • Dismantling of structures like COP, Staircases, Boundary wall, FOB etc. for construction of Deck, Skywalk & Platform No. 1A.
  • Shifting of underground utilities encounter, if any 
  • Any other miscellaneous works require to complete work

Requirement for items in schedule of quantities generally covers the following:

  • Preliminary works like setting out and maintenance of permanent benchmarks reference points, centerline of the columns, grids, tracks, pits etc. It shall also include making adjustments in the layout, if required, as per site conditions and as directed by the Engineer-in-Charge.
  • Clearing of site for construction of the work and all activities connected therewith before commencement of work to the satisfaction of the Engineer.
  • Clearing of site (to the satisfaction of the Engineer-in-Charge) after completion of entire work and handing over the same to the employer.
  • Maintenance of all works during construction till handing over to the employer. Protection and maintenance of existing services.
  • Providing adequate arrangement for barricading and other safety measures as directed by the Engineer-in-Charge at all required locations. Payment will be made in the relevant item of Schedule.
  • Repair/re-construction/making-good of damaged roads, service lines, storm water drains, water supply lines, sewer lines, electric cables, telephone cables, etc. and other utility/structures/property affected by any action/inaction and activities of the contractor in the opinion of the Engineer-in-Charge which shall be final and binding.
  • Such repair/reconstruction/making good the jobs shall be done as per direction of the Engineer-in-Charge. Also, services like water supply lines, sewer lines, storm water drains, electricity lines, telephone lines overhead and underground cables/structure, if any, falling in the alignment of the work, (which are required to be removed or shifted or to be buried in concrete in the opinion of the Engineer-in-Charge.) shall be removed/shifted as instructed by the Engineer-in-Charge. All such permanent diversions shall be paid by the client.
  • Any other item relevant/necessary, which in the opinion of the Engineerin-Charge are required for completing the work in all respects with all operations and works mentioned in the tender documents including all testing, etc. complete as specified and as per approved drawings.
  • All ancillary and incidental facilities required for execution of the work e.g. labour camps, stores, offices for contractors, workshop facilities, watch and ward, temporary structure for plants and machinery, well equipped site laboratory as mentioned in the tender document, water storage structure, tube wells, electric/ telephone/fax machine installation and charges, liaison work, protection work during execution and not included in the main items, any other item/activity contained elsewhere in the tender documents which is necessary for execution of work in the opinion of the Engineer-in-charge. Tube well bores in good condition shall be handed over to the client after completion of the project.
  • Pumping and bailing out water in a suitable manner as directed by Engineerin-Charge. Temporary diversion if any.
  • The contractor shall submit a detailed method statement and get it approved from the Engineer, sufficiently in advance of each activity. The method statement shall contain all necessary information like methodology of operation, equipment to be used, appropriateness to the given conditions, sequence of operations, safety measures, etc.
  • All the exposed concrete surfaces shall have shutter (except piles and lean concrete), and nothing shall be paid extra for the same. All the shutters, staging, machinery and other T&P etc. mobilised by the contractor for execution of work shall remain property and liability of the contractor and shall be removed by him from site after completion of work.
  • Adequate lighting for night work and also wherever and whenever required by the Engineer-in-Charge.
  • Overall construction programme for the work using “MS-Project software” giving the details of all activities shall be submitted. The measurement book shall also be prepared on computer and computer printouts along with soft copy shall be submitted for checking. This should also include photographs of all work locations.
  • Arrangements for a regular monthly or other frequency as directed by Engineer for the documentation of the progress of work i.e., start to completion of the project in the form of Minimum 15 coloured photographs in 6 copies (5” x 7”) and also in digital format of the works including contractor’s yard etc. depicting the progress of work at site.
  • It is also made clear that intending bidders shall visit the sites of work and surrounding areas and physically assess the activities which are involved for completing the work, including the quantum of work besides the information supplied in the tender document.
  • No claim whatsoever shall be entertained on this account. Unless otherwise specified, there is no separate payment of above works and the same shall be considered incidental to main items of execution mentioned in the priced bill of Quantities.

The draft Terms of Reference (Draft ToR) is available at MRVC website

Source: MRVC- Tender | Image Credit (representationl): MoR

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