MRVC invites tender for various works including OHE between Virar-Dahanu Road section in Mumbai Division of Western Railway

Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Ltd. (MRVC), under Ministry of Railways (MOR), invites E- bids for Design, manufacture, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of equipment at 2×25 kV AC, 50 Hz, Boundary Sectioning and Paralleling Posts (SP) at Virar (West) KM 61/26-30 and OHE modification works suitable for 2×25 kv ac system, between Virar-Dahanu Road section in Mumbai Division of Western Railway at Mumbai, India.

  • Tender Reference Number: MRVC/W/122 (Lot-I/A)
  • Name of Work: Design, manufacture, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of equipment at 2×25 kV AC, 50 Hz, Boundary Sectioning and Paralleling Posts (SP) at Virar (West) KM 61/26-30 and OHE modification works suitable for 2×25 kv ac system, between Virar-Dahanu Road section in Mumbai Division of Western Railway at Mumbai, India.
  • Completion Period: 12 Months
  • EMD: INR 7,92,000 Lakh
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 17th March, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 19th April, 2023
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 24th March, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 12th April, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 19th April, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 19th April, 2023


  • The broad scope of work comprises of Design, Supply, Erection, Modification, Testing &  Commissioning of OHE for New works, And Modification to OHE to the existing OHE (Suitable for 2x25kV AC system) in connection with construction of various works over  suburban section of Mumbai Division.
  • This will involve designing new OHE or re-design of OHE profile or re-spanning of existing OHE as per site requirement to achieve the prescribed clearances notified for 25 KV AC traction system.
  • Lowering of spans to be carried out in such a manner to achieve the gradient 2-3 & Relative gradient 1-1.5 mm / meter to get the required clearances.
  • The proposed work may also involve linking up / taking off with the existing lines at many places. The existing sectioning diagram / Layout diagrams & other details, which were available with Railways will be made available to contractors by MRVC.
  • The bracket shall be of conventional A.C type for New OHE and Composite Type for existing OHE like arrangement used in A.C. traction of OHE conversion from D.C to A.C in Mumbai suburban sections.
  • The brackets will be used to suspend the 125/242 Sq mm Catenary & 193 / 150 Sq mm contact wire as per the site requirement. The insulation will be 25 kV AC traction and the OHE shall be regulated for new lines and may be unregulated for some existing lines.

Scope of Work:

  • The contractor must examine the GAD of the respective section & existing OHE layout plan,  survey the site and prepare required layout plans for OHE for new OHE and for re-spanning & re-profiling to construct FOBs / ROBs/ Flyovers and OHE modification of existing OHE in connection with the shifting of (VR-SP) etc. as per the site requirement.
  • Modification if any required with the consent of the Client Engineer in charge of work and submit all the working drawings such as “Good for construction LOP, cross section drawings, structure erection drawings, profile drawings under over line structures and Bonding Plans for installation of 2×25 kV OHE.
  • The scope also includes supply of all materials required including 125 / 242 sq mm catenary, 193/150sq mm contact wire, erection of complete OHE including casting of foundations, structure erection & grouting of Mast/Portal on platforms / ground, including muffing  including testing and commissioning of OHE installations ete. as per BOQ on the identified  tracks and modification to the existing OHE.
  • The installation provided under the contract shall be maintained by the contractor during the defect liability period of 12 months. The contractor shall also attend to any breakdown of the installations besides attending to the defects and damages during this period, including the  construction period.
  • There shall be no damage to the existing Railway property. The work pertains to setting up and commissioning of 25kV AC 50 Hz 1X25 kV & 2×25 kV Boundary SP between Virar-Dahanu section in Mumbai Division of Western Railway at Mumbai, India.
  • All works related to site clearance, erection, installation and commissioning of the substation and switching stations, whether they are civil engineering or electrical engineering or electronic engineering or miscellaneous are to be executed on a single responsibility basis so as to ensure that the substation and switching stations are functional as per Indian Electricity Act, 2003 and Indian Electricity Rules, 1956. Further no material, whatsoever, shall be supplied by the employer.
  • The scope of work broadly includes design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of : Sectioning and paralleling arrangement to OHE in a four Track layout at 1 No. of SP with numeric protection.
  • Providing control & Relay Panels in SP as per RDSO Specification No. TI/SPC/PSI/PROTCT/4050(1×25 kV side) and TI/SPC/PSI/PROTCT/7101 (2×25 kV side) or latest as per MRVC /RDSO guidelines.
  • Providing RTU/ SCADA equipment in SP as per RDSO Specification No.TI/SPC/RCC/SCADA/0133 or latest as per MRVC /RDSO guidelines.
  • Associated galvanised steel structures, buildings, foundations, ancillary equipment, feeders, jumpers and connections to OHE, etc. Interlocking and protection coordination of various equipment.
  • Providing 110 V DC & 240 V AC auxiliary supplies in the SP by means of battery and auxiliary transformers.
  • Providing earthing arrangement for all equipment and structures in the TSS, FP, SP & SSPs. Supply of spare parts and maintenance tools and operating and maintenance manuals Other associated items of work.
  • Annual maintenance of Control & Relay Panels at SP for one year beyond warranty period. Annual maintenance of SCADA equipment at SP/RCC centre for one year beyond warranty  Period.
  • This section contains general, technical, and other specifications for design and erection of complete traction overhead equipment (2X25 Kv System), foundations, structures, OHE.
  • This part also gives reference to technical specifications of materials and components,  procedure for submission of designs and drawings of basic arrangements, components and  fittings designs and other typical designs relating to overhead equipment.
  • All the works of OHE shall conform to Specifications and Standards laid down by RDSO / Lucknow, Core Allahabad, and CEE/Western/ Central Railway. A list of the standard drawings is included in Annexure – I. This section also deals with technical and other specifications for infringement removal.

System Particulars:

  • The nominal voltage of the overhead equipment is 25 kV AC. The Components to be provided shall have insulation of 25 kV AC design for 2X25kV system OHE.
  • Rolling Stock: 12 /15 coach 25 kV AC EMU trains will run on these sections.
  • Power Supply: Sub-Stations: –Electric power is supplied at 25 KV AC 50 Hz. (1×25 &2X25 kV system).
  • Track: Gauge And Track Centers– The track gauge is 1676 mm (5’ – 6”). In multiple track zones, the normal distance between track centers is minimum 4720 mm (15’ –6”).


  • The general design of overhead equipment shall permit a displacement of ± 100 mm of tracks without difficulty and any adjustment of the overhead equipment on this account shall be of such a nature as could be done conveniently without changing any component of the overhead equipment in case of existing OHE.

Overhead Equipment (OHE 2X25 kV A C system):

  • The traction overhead equipment shall consist of a catenary wire from which a grooved  contact wire is suitably suspended by means of droppers.
  • The Catenary wire shall be of stranded construction made of hard drawn copper conductor of size 37/2.92 mm (2.248 kg/m), 242 sq mm area to specification No. IRS-E-20-54 latest and specification No. D-89 and hard drawn stranded copper conductor of size 19/2.95 mm  (1.1666 kg/m) 125sq mm conforming to IRS specification No. E-20-54 latest.
  • The contact wire shall be solid, grooved and made of hard drawn copper of size having 193 / 150 sq mm cross section confirming to Spec No. ETI/OHE/76(6/97) with A & C Slip No. 1,3,4 5,6 & 7 or its latest version.
  • Droppers shall be made of hard drawn round copper wire, approximately 5/7 mm dia. The  dropper shall be as per latest approved Drawing with nut and bolt of Hard drawn electrolytic  copper instead of stainless steel.
  • The dropper clip for Catenary wire should be suitable for 65 /125 sq mm catenary as per site requirements. Droppers shall be spaced not more than 4.5/5.5 m apart. Droppers shall be provided as per Drg No. ETI/OHE/P/1190 Rev. B
  • As a general rule, the nominal “encumbrance: i.e. the centre distance between the catenary  and the contact wire at the support shall be 1.00 to 2.00 m depending upon the spans.  Deviation from this figure will be permitted in special cases.
  • All jumpers connected to OHE conductors shall be of stranded copper only. The in-span  jumpers /potential equalizer jumpers at insulated overlaps shall be of 105/160 sq mm (At  least one jumper in each span) nominal. 4 nos flexible G jumpers of nominal section 160  mm sq. size shall be used at overlaps, turnouts, crossings etc. Anti-theft jumpers of 50 sq mm (19/1.83mm) size shall be used on the out of run wire of OHE. 


Precautions during OHE installation:

  • During stringing operations every care shall be taken to prevent conductors hanging low over tracks on which traffic block has not been given. All conductors shall be pulled out before traffic block is cleared so that such conductors do not infringe with moving traffic.
  • Ladder trolleys shall be used with caution. They shall not be put on tracks until the flagmen  are on duty to protect the trolleys and the Employer’s representative authorised in writing for  the trolleys to be put on the tracks. Ladder trolleys shall be promptly removed on instructions  from the Employer’s representative and well in advance of approaching trains.
  • No claims shall rest on the Employer in the event of a ladder trolley being run over by train. The flagmen for the above job will be provided by the Contractor.
  • Any damage to Railway property or to human lives due to negligence, the contractor must  make good the losses.
  • The Contractor shall ensure that unauthorised, careless or inadvertent operation of switchgear, which may result in an accident and injury to staff and/or damage to equipment. Which should not occur.
  • The Contractor shall abide by all instructions issued by the Employer from time to time in  connection with protection/safety of track/Railway installations/personnel as well as quality  control. The Contractor should not leave the excavated pits unfilled overnight.
  • Due to any reason, if it becomes necessary to leave the pit unfilled overnight, it should be filled back effectively with sandbags and covered to the satisfaction of the client’s representative.
  • The contractor shall be responsible for safe custody of all equipment till provisional acceptance.

The draft Terms of Reference (Draft ToR) is available at MRVC website 

Source: MRVC- Tender | Image Credit (representationl): MoR

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