Mumbai Metro-3 Update: Battery operated Shunter successfully forms first 8 car prototype train of Metro line-3

The battery-operated rail-cum-road Shunter has successfully formed the first 8-car prototype train for the Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ Metro Line-3.

More details:

  • The Shunter is the first procurement for MMRC Car Depot.
  • This Shunter successfully formed and pulled first eight cars train at the temporary facilities-Train delivery and testing track area-in Sariput Nagar, Aarey.
  • This small wonder has a carrying capacity of 350 tons and with a fully charged battery capacity it can shunt 8 cars and train up to 9 kms.

  • It has the capacity of producing a continuous drawbar pull of 50 kilo Newtons.
  • This Shunter was tested successfully with its automatic coupler as well as semi permanent coupler adaptor, both used for connecting metro cars.
  • The Shunter is completely manufactured by a Thane based company M/s Renmakch India Pvt.Ltd. as a part of “Make-In-India” policy under a joint venture and Transfer of Technology (TOT) agreement with NITEQ of Netherlands.

Source: MMRC -Press Release