Mumbai Metro Line-2B: MMRDA completes the concrete casting of the Shunya Iconic Cable Stayed Bridge

The Shunya Iconic Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge that is under construction to support the Metro Line-2B Viaduct crossing Vakola Nalla. This extensive bridge accommodates a length of 130 metres in total, with 80 metres of the same solely dedicated to the long main span across Vakola Nalla.

More Details:

  • The remaining 50 metres of the length corresponds to the anchor span.Today, a huge pile cap has been cast for Shunya Iconic Bridge at P478. This event marks a major progress in the construction of this elegant bridge.

  • The measurements for the Pile Foundation Cap are 20.59 m x 11.979 m x 3 m. The concrete quantity of the pile cap is about 670 cubic metres, and it is with a reinforcement of about 197 metric tonnes including pedestal about 45 metric tonnes. 75 Dia VSL 835/1035 threaded stress bars (FFT Bars) were chosen for being embedded with the pile foundation cap. The FFT bars are 120 in number, and their utilisation reinforces the pylon base to greater proportions.

  • MMRDA has taken effective measures to maintain optimal temperatures using concrete temperature monitoring. Temperature monitoring devices and sensors are embedded across the pile cap on three different levels, categorised by the aspect of depth.

  • The concrete temperature monitoring system oversees the rises and falls in temperature, while cold water and ice flakes are employed to mitigate the effect of heat on concrete.
  • Water sprinklers are used to maintain the transit mixers in a wet state, while hessian cloth is used to cover the same. The methodical incorporation of planned activities alongside the unwavering dedication of the construction teams is leading to steady and significant progress.

Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, IAS, Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA said ”MMRDA is fortunate to have earned the dedication of highly talented engineers, consultants, contractors, and construction workers in all of its dream infrastructural pursuits, time and time again. Shunya Iconic Bridge is yet another marvellous architecture from MMRDA designed to symbolise the contribution of “zero” to the whole of humankind. The unmatchable skills of our engineers are currently giving life to a designing masterpiece, and their skills are being put to great use through the consistent efforts of our associated consultants and contractors. We are now witnessing the magic that happens when the finest equipment meets one of the most dedicated teams of professionals.”

Mumbai Metro Line 2B:

Metro Line 2B from D.N Nagar to Mandale is 23.643 km. long elevated corridor with 20 stations. It shall provide interconnectivity among the existing Western Express Highway, Eastern Express Highway, Western Railway, Central Railway, Mono Rail, Metro Line-1 (Ghatkopar to Versova) and Metro Line 2A (Dahisar to D N Nagar), Metro Line 4 (Wadala to Kasarvadavali) & Metro Line 3 (Colaba to SEEPZ) under implementation.

It shall provide connectivity between the Eastern & Western Suburban Mumbai. It shall provide rail based access to the commercial, Govt. bodies and geographical landmarks in Mumbai.

Dedicated Depot is planned at Mandale in up to an extent of 22 Ha. land area. It shall reduce the current travel time by anything between 50% and 75% depending on road conditions.

Source: MMRDA- Press Release | Images Credit: MMRDA

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