N.C. Railway’s GM, Shri Pramod Kumar flagged off the 100th track machine at Subedarganj, Prayagraj

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Shri Pramod Kumar, General Manager, North Central Railway inaugurated the trial and commissioning of 100th track machine of North Central Railway at CPOH, Subedarganj, Prayagraj as a part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

More details:

  • Modernization of railway track plays a major role in expansion and speed enhancement of Indian Railways. During the last 75 years since independence, there has been a steady increase in the speed and number of trains.
  • Apart from passenger trains, railways have taken a new dimension in carrying capacity, speed and number of goods trains. Maintenance and renewal of the track and inclusion of modern technology have proved to be a boon for enhancing speed of the train.
  • The track is maintained and refurbished using state-of-the-art imported track machines. The first imported track machine was introduced in the Indian Railways in 1965. Maintenance of the concrete sleeper track which is in use today is not possible without these track machines.
  • Concrete sleepers have replaced the earlier wooden sleepers railway tracks which were repaired by the workers. At present, more than 1000 different types of track machines are maintaining and repairing the track in Indian Railways. This journey which started with the Unit tamping machine which used to tamp just o­ne sleeper has reached has now to the Dynamic Tamping Express, used for simultaneous tamping of 03 sleepers.
  • These world class modern machines are being used in Indian Railways for track maintenance, as a result of which Speed ​​of the trains is enhancing day by day and passenger safety is being ensured.
  • This 100th machine of North Central Railway: UNIMAT 4X4/45 will be used for tamping and levelling turnouts. With this, tamping of 04 rails can be done simultaneously. Modern Computerized Working System (CWS), Automatic Guiding Computer (ALC) and Electronic Micro Controller Functioning have been used in this machine.
  • Through this machine, it will be possible to measure and improve the track through automatic measuring methods and the trains and passengers travelling o­n the railway track will have a smooth ridi experience. At the turnout of the track, fine operation of trains will be possible at a faster speed.
  • The said track machines are operated in the entire North Central Railway under the guidance of Principal Chief Engineer SK Mishra and Chief EngineerShri RK Srivastava. Senior officers & staff of NCR were present o­n the occasion.

Source: North Central Railway -Press Release | Image Credit (representational): SCR

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