N.C. Railway’s GM, Shri Satish Kumar inspects level crossings and railway tracks between Bamrauli and Manauri stations

General Manager North Central Railway, Shri Satish Kumar conducted midnight surprise inspections at level crossings, railway tracks and stations.

More Details:

  • Shri Satish Kumar, General Manager, North Central Railway, conducted a surprise inspection at level crossings, railway tracks and stations. He did this inspection to check the vigil and level of knowledge of railway personnel and their safety related work procedures.
  • In this sequence, he did a surprise night inspection between Bamrauli and Manauri stations. During the inspection, he saw the working efficiency of the night track patrolling staff, safety equipment and alertness of the staff and gave necessary instructions to improve the work quality.

  • It is worth mentioning that alertness and preparedness in the night duty are very important aspects especially during winter. During winters, the railway staff keep strict vigil especially at night by patrolling the track continuously to check the railway tracks and keep an eye o­n the health and condition of the railway track.
  • In the same sequence, Shri Satish Kumar also inspected the level crossing gate N4 located between Manauri and Bamrauli stations and tested the alertness and safety related knowledge of the railway personnel present there.

  • He also gave instructions to the staff and other officers & personnel present regarding necessary improvements in the functioning.
  • It is to be known that General Manager Shri Satish Kumar has started a series of nightly surprise inspections after taking over as General Manager of North Central Railway o­n 7 November 2022.
  • In these inspections, not o­nly the alertness of the railway personnel is being tested, but due to these surprise inspections, the railway personnel are getting motivated to remain more alert and aware while o­n duty.

Source: North Central Railway- Press Release | Images Credit: North Central Railway

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