N.F. Railway Update: Revamping infrastructure of rolling stock workshops to increase overhauling capacity of coaches & wagons

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With the aim to improve passenger safety and comfort, N.F. Railway has taken major steps by replacing the existing conventional rakes with the Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) design rakes. The proliferation of DEMU has also been done to ensure better passenger services. 

More details:

  • Higher number of wagons have also been introduced in the system to cater to the ever increasing freight demands in the Northeastern region. With the introduction of these modern coaches & wagons, maintenance methodology and capacity also need to be augmented.
  • Various infrastructural developmental works are being undertaken at the rolling stock workshops under NFR for advanced maintenance and overhauling of rolling stocks. The two vital workshops i.e. New Bongaigaon and Dibrugarh under the territory of N. F. Railways are delivering higher quantity and quality turnouts month after month.
  • For further enhancing the turnout quantity with superior amenities and safety measures of rolling stocks both the workshops have undertaken several infrastructure augmentation works.
  • Investments to the tune of Rs 70 crs has been done at the largest rolling stock workshop of NFR, i.e. New Bongaigaon, to cope with the ever increasing demand of rolling stock maintenance. Work for a new shed for refurbishing of LHB coaches has been started at New Bongaigaon. Another new shed with requisite facilities for Periodical Overhauling (POH) of DEMU/MEMU has also been approved for New Bongaigaon workshop.
  • To increase the goods wagon maintenance capacity, work for extension of the wagon support shop has also been sanctioned. State of the art disassembly and assembly system for LHB trolleys will also be implemented here.
  • Similarly, investments of Rs 55 crs are being done for Dibrugarh workshop also. To develop the facilities for POH of LHB coaches and increase turnout capacity, work of a new shed has been completed here. Another work for enhancement of infrastructure for increasing POH capacity of LHB coaches is under execution.
  • The narrow gauge heritage workshop at Tindharia has also been targeted for uplifting. Investments to the tune of Rs 4 crs are being made here. New machines and restoration of heritage value will be the main focus.
  • The various developmental works at the mechanical workshop will not o­nly improve the safety of railways operations but will also benefit the passengers travelling by trains. Passengers will be provided with quality amenities and safer travel experience with the introduction of upgraded infrastructure at workshops.

Source: Northeast Frontier Railway -Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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