Nagpur Metro Update: Tender invited for detailed design consultancy services for 12 elevated stations for Phase-2

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) has invited tenders for Detailed design consultancy services for 12 (Twelve) elevated stations viz. Pili Nadi, Khasara Fata, All India Radio, Khairi Fata, Lok Vihar, Lekha Nagar, Cantonment, Kamptee Police Station, Kamptee Municipal Council, Dragon Palace, Golf Club and Kanhan River, excluding viaduct in station portions on Reach-2A and Reach-2B of NMRP, Phase-II.

  • Tender No: N2-007-DDC-01/2023
  • Name of work: Detailed design consultancy services for 12 (Twelve) elevated stations viz. Pili Nadi, Khasara Fata, All India Radio, Khairi Fata, Lok Vihar, Lekha Nagar, Cantonment, Kamptee Police Station, Kamptee Municipal Council, Dragon Palace, Golf Club and Kanhan River, excluding viaduct in station portions on Reach-2A and Reach-2B of NMRP, Phase-II.
  • Approximate Cost: INR 7.8 Crores
  • EMD: INR  7,80,000/-
  • Contract Period: 36 Months
  • Document Download Start Date: 09th March, 2023
  • Document Download End Date: 06th April, 2023
  • Pre-Bid Meeting: 17th March, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 09th March, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 06th April, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 06th April, 2023

Scope of Work:

  • DDC shall study the conceptual drawings with respect to each station location and submit Design Alternatives, if required.
  • DDC shall prepare schematic design based on the concept drawings/design alternatives.
  • DDC will closely interact with viaduct designer and promptly provide him details of loads transferred from station structure to viaduct and any other input that may be required by viaduct designer for designing the viaduct in station portion.
  • DDC needs to design the Station building as per the parameters of the Detailed Project Report. Approved Design Basis Report (Elevated Stations) and Schedule of Dimensions (SOD) shall also be taken into consideration.
  • Any changes in the design parameters will be conveyed to the DDC and no extra payment will be charged for the revision due to change in design parameters.
  • DDC will perform cost effective detailed designs of civil, structural including PEB roof structures, architectural, E&M, Firefighting & Protection, Plumbing, Water, Sewer, and interface with other services based on conceptual designs and criteria issued with the tender documents for the stations.
  • DDC will prepare General Arrangement Drawings and detailed drawings of various items of work as per guidelines laid down by Maha-Metro. DDC will carry out detailed designs for building works, the fitting out of stations with architectural finishes, Plumbing System, Sanitary System, E&M, HVAC, Firefighting, IBMS, Signages, Rainwater harvesting, Multi-Modal integration and interface with services (including illuminations, lifts, escalators, water supply, drainage, power supply and public telephones), landscaping, advertisement boards within station limits, etc.
  • DDC will review detailed designs for temporary and permanent diversion works for all utilities affected by the station works and change as necessary to accommodate public Utilities. Data to be given by Maha-Metro. DDC will also provide coordination for this purpose.
  • DDC will co-ordinate and integrate designs and details with contractors and consultants employed by Maha-Metro working on contracts adjacent to the site of works for this contract.
  • DDC to attend every fortnightly interface meeting with various civil, E&M and System contractors and consultants and the MOM / reports to be submitted to Maha Metro.
  • DDC will prepare and update the design stage Combined Services Drawings (CSD), Structural Opening Drawings (SOD) and Structural-ElectricalMechanical Drawings (SEM) and MEP drawings and Interface/Coordination Drawings. DDC will give all deliverables in a format compatible with BIM, and it will be the responsibility of DDC to ensure no ambiguity.
  • DDC will incorporate and co-ordinate changes in design due to System & E&M interfacing.
  • DDC will incorporate changes in design resulting from the reviews carried out by Maha-Metro appointed GC who will be acting as the Engineer-in-charge for the project.
  • DDC will consult and co-ordinate with the various City and Government authorities who interface with the project. Maha-Metro will assist in the co-ordination.
  • Statutory approval from relevant authorities will be under DDC’s scope. Design & drawing will take care of fire stipulations as per codal requirement. In case of any approvals from Archaeological Survey of India, the same will be taken up by Maha-Metro however consultants shall assist for the same.
  • DDC will incorporate emergency evacuation considering NFPA 130, NFPA 101, National Building Code and all relevant bylaws etc.
  • All the station buildings have been envisaged as fully compliant of requirements of solar energy utilization. Solar Energy utilization compliant design is a specialized job. DDC may engage a sub-consultant of requisite expertise with the approval of Maha-Metro at DDC’s own cost for making all designs compliant of solar energy utilization needs.
  • DDC will plan, design, detail out, control, co-ordinate, and execute the design phase of the Works for production of drawings, documents, and reports to meet the key schedule dates indicated and as directed by Maha-Metro.
  • DDC would be required to prepare notes regarding quality of construction work observed by them during their periodical joint site visits and make necessary suggestions to Maha-Metro.
  • Generally rendering to Maha-Metro every assistance, guidance or advice on any matter concerning the technical aspect of the project.
  • DDC will be fully responsible in their capacity as Detailed Design Consultants for the soundness of the design and shall be fully responsible for the Design.
  • DDC to submit the BOQ (Station wise) as per the GFC drawings. Also, the revision in the GFC drawing should be submitted along with the consequent quantity variation reports.
  • DDC to ensure that all E&M & Solar service installation and routing requirement/ dependency with civil and structural drawing like wall opening, cutouts, shafts, fabricated supports in PEB, link bridge, entry/exit structures, foundations, sleeves etc. are incorporated in relevant civil and structural drawings and are updated as and when required.
  • If any changes in any systems, civil and architectural plan or drawings which impact other system works including material change, scope change etc. Then DDC should immediately interface and make other system stakeholders aware of the changes to avoid any wastage, rework, or delay. Also, the revised drawings (CSD, GFC etc.) incorporating the changes should be submitted within 7 days.
  • Time is the essence of the contract. DDC agreed to perform their duties as consultants and ensure that no delay would take place on account of supply of drawings to contractor/ Maha-Metro. In case of delays without valid reasons the DDC shall be liable to pay liquidated damages as described in the conditions of Tender-Documents.
  • DDC agrees to perform the duties as consultants under these presents and will advise Maha-Metro about the measures required to complete the construction of the works as entrusted to contractors according to the specifications and the schedule of time given to them and that no unnecessary delay is caused by reason of the DDC not furnishing any detail, as regards to designs, drawings or scrutiny thereon, etc. to the contractor.
  • DDC shall take a considered review of progress of construction-works within time and cost parameters and suggest improvements from time to time. During the contract period if the work of the contractor is delayed due to non-availability of deliverable from the DDC then DDC shall assist the contractor, strategy for match up schedule.
  • DDC agree that they will not without the written sanction of the Maha-Metro make any deviations in the plans or order any variation to the Contractor and such sanction of the Maha-Metro normally be communicated within 21 days of receipt of acceptable reasoning for such deviation from the DDC.
  • The copyright of all designs and drawings prepared in connection with this project in the executed form shall vest with Maha-Metro and shall become the property of Maha-Metro.
  • The DDCs engaged on behalf of Maha-Metro, will during the period of their assignment, and thereafter, till the satisfactory completion of the construction of the work, act as consultants and give any advice regarding the construction of this work, in particular, to intending contractors who would tender and undertake the construction of this work.
  • DDC should submit 6 copies of BoQ, Reports, Documents and all drawings, design calculation and should also submit one set of soft copy in DVD/Pendrive.
  • DDC professional fees/payments are inclusive of all responsibilities for carrying out the complete services as specified in the Scope of the Works, which include carrying out all mentioned services including all modifications, variation/addition in the design and drawings required during execution of work due to site requirement of Maha-Metro.
  • Nothing extra shall be paid on any account till completion of this project in all respects beyond the fees/payments specified in the contract.
  • DDC is required to review the scheme for construction and erection of structural members in respect of the design proposed by them. If it is found that the design is not feasible to be adopted due to site condition or due to any other reason the DDC would give his remarks to Maha-Metro.
  • DDC will provide support during construction on design related issues.

Duties and Responsibilities of the DDC:

  • The DDC shall initiate, and actively pursue and involve itself in all investigations and enquiries,consultations, studies, collection and compliance with pertinent information and data, convening of and attendance at meetings, and in any other activities as are or may be necessary for producing the detailed design, drawings and documents to the specified requirements. DDC to prepare the interface matrix / dependability chart between various contractors.
  • The DDC shall carry out the Services in accordance with its own methods, in compliance with the provisions contained herein. Any and all changes necessary to ensure that the DDC’s design, drawings and documents conform to the intent and purpose set out in the Agreement, shall be made at the DDC’s own expense.
  • The DDC represents that it is a professional and experienced consultant providing full consultancy services, and hereby agrees to bear full responsibility for the correctness and technical merit of the services performed.

Basis of Detailed Design:

  • The detailed design, drawings and documents shall be developed by the DDC from the appropriate Conceptual, Preliminary and Standard drawings, Design Criteria, General Planning Criteria, Outline Design Standards, outline specifications and other information to be issued to or gathered by the DDC.
  • The DDC shall comply in producing its detailed design and drawings in accordance with the checking requirements specified in Clause 7.0 of this document.
  • In order to ensure uniformity of all design contracts, drawings, design criteria, specifications, standard proforma, and documentations will be issued to the DDC, and compliance with the requirements specified therein shall be mandatory unless prior agreement in writing for any changes has been obtained from Maha-Metro.
  • The DDC shall thoroughly study the information contained in the drawings, Design Criteria, specifications, standard proforma and documentations issued to it. If there are any points of disagreement or inconsistency, the DDC shall immediately refer these, giving reasons for the disagreement, in writing to Maha-Metro for a ruling.

Civil and Structural Design:

  • The DDC shall perform all civil and structural design within the contract limits, including, the preparation of calculations, drawings, and other documents, as required but not limited to:
  • Detailed Engineering of substructure & superstructure viz. Foundations, concourse levels, lower platform levels, upper platform levels, roof levels, connecting sky walks & Entry exit structures, link bridges, PEB roof structures, etc.
  • Preparation of general arrangement drawings including Roof Level & Façade supporting structure.
  • Approval of all necessary drawings along with documentation from Maha-Metro / GC & release of GFC drawings to site.
  • Station structures and sub-structures.
  • Detailed and typical sections.
  • Station drainage plans.
  • Ancillary buildings.
  • Surface drainage plans.
  • Foul water drainage and pollution control facilities.
  • Roads and bus bays.
  • All interface requirements with the Viaduct DDC/Contractor including obtaining of all survey and geo technical investigation data from DDC/Contractor of Viaduct.
  • Arrangement for fixing and maintenance of solar panels & cable ducts wherever required.

Sale of document, e-payment procedure, submission and other details are available on MAHA-Metro (Nagpur) E- tender portal under section in e- tenders.

Source: Nagpur Metro- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Nagpur Metro