Nagpur Metro Update: Tender invited for maintenance of various assets at all stations, viaducts & depots for a period of 4 years

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) has invited tender for Maintenance of various assets – preventive/corrective/breakdown of {track, viaduct, stations, steel structures, overhead equipment (traction), power supply installations, electrical & mechanical systems} of Nagpur Metro Rail Infrastructure of Maha-Metro covering all stations & viaduct, 40.10 km main line route length and 8.9 km depot route length, two Rolling Stock Depots at MIHAN & Hingna and all other buildings/structures of Nagpur Metro for a period of 4 years.

  • Tender No: N1-O&M-17/2023
  • Name of work: Maintenance of various assets – preventive/corrective/breakdown of {track, viaduct, stations, steel structures, overhead equipment (traction), power supply installations, electrical & mechanical systems} of Nagpur Metro Rail Infrastructure of Maha-Metro covering all stations & viaduct, 40.10 km main line route length and 8.9 km depot route length, two Rolling Stock Depots at MIHAN & Hingna and all other buildings/structures of Nagpur Metro for a period of 4 years.
  • Approximate Cost: INR 40.70 Crores
  • EMD: INR 20,35,000/-
  • Contract Period: 04 Years
  • Document Download Start Date: 03rd April, 2023
  • Document Download End Date: 29th April, 2023
  • Pre-Bid Meeting: 13th April, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 03rd April, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 29th April, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 29th April, 2023

Scope of Work:

  • Contractor has to carry out Maintenance of various assets – Preventive/Corrective /Breakdown of {Track, Viaduct, Stations, Steel structures, Overhead Equipment (Traction), Power Supply Installations, Electrical & Mechanical systems} of Nagpur Metro Rail Infrastructure of Maha-Metro covering all Stations & Viaduct, 40.10 km main line route length and 8.9 km depot route length, two Rolling Stock Depots at MIHAN & Hingna and all other buildings/structures of Nagpur Metro for a period of 4 years.

The entire stretch is divided into 2 alignments or corridors as follows:

  • Line 1 (Orange Line): North – South Corridor which comprises PS, Reach – 1, Reach 2 which have rail length of 19.658 KM and 18 Nos of Metro stations.
  • Line 2 (Aqua Line): East – West Corridor which comprises Reach – 3, Reach 4 which have rail length of 18.557 KM and 20 Nos of Metro stations.
Alignment 1 North – South CorridorAlignment 2 East – West Corridor
Automotive SquarePrajapati Nagar
Nari RoadVaishnao Devi Chowk
Indora SquareAmbedkar Chowk
Kadbi ChowkTelephone Exchange
Gaddi Godam SquareChitar Oli Chowk
Kasturchand ParkAgrasen Chowk
Zero Mile Freedom ParkDosar Vaisya Chowk
Sitabuldi (NS)Nagpur Railway Station
Congress NagarCotton Market
Rahate ColonySitabuldi (EW)
Ajni SquareJhansi Rani Square
Chhatrapati SquareInstitution of Engineers
Jaiprakash NagarShankar Nagar Square
Ujjwal NagarLAD Chowk
AirportDharampeth College
Airport SouthSubhash Nagar
New AirportRachana Ring Road
KhapriVasudev Nagar
Bansi Nagar
Lokmanya Nagar

Work content:

  • The contractor is required for maintenance activities and supply of indicative manpower of various categories provided in the Bill of Quantities.
  • The contractor shall be responsible for management of the manpower supplied by him including arranging timely arrival at duty place, punctuality, payments to the manpower in compliance with statutory requirements and other terms & conditions of the contract. 

Indicative manpower of 137 Nos. required for the above said work will be as under:

  • The successful bidder has to supply the services of following indicative manpower within 15 days from the date of issue of LOA. 

Maintenance requirements:

  • During preventive maintenance, the work assessment will be done by the agency along with metro officials. Based on the above work assessment/measurement, a report will be prepared and will be jointly signed by metro officials & Supervisor/Sr. Supervisor of the agency. Based on the above work assessment report, work orders will be placed to the agency for any kind of maintenance.

Work order:

  • Work orders will be issued based on Work Assessment report from time to time up to a ceiling value, which will be decided by Nagpur Metro with a completion period of one month or by following stipulated schedules mentioned in the Maha-Metro manuals for preventive maintenance.
  • For corrective and breakdown maintenance affecting the train services should be done on immediate basis to restore the traffic. However, the breakdown maintenance for the works not affecting train services must be completed within three days of the occurrence.

Tools, Consumables, Hardware, PPEs, Uniform:

  • Contractor shall arrange the required Tools, Consumables, Hardware Items, and PPEs & Uniform as per enclosed tentative list at his own cost for maintenance works. At the time of submission of Financial Bid, Bidder shall also quote for above said items against Overhead Charges.
  • However, additional tools if required shall also be procured by the contractor as per the site requirement (if any). Tools should be from a standard supplier (pre approved vendor) from the list given by Maha-Metro.
  • The Contractor shall ensure standard practices of calibration and test of tools/equipment, repair to the tools, hardwares etc. (if any) should be done by the contractor at his own cost.
  • The contractor shall purchase the Spares from Maha-Metro Approved Vendors at the Rates Approved by Maha-Metro.
  • In case spares available with Maha-Metro, the same will be issued to the Contractor in case of emergency on loan/returnable basis. The Contractor shall maintain adequate inventory of Spares for Day-to-Day use.
  • The contractor may sub-contract for supply of spares through OEM’s or may enter into AMC with OEMs on his own discretion and payment will be done for spares in accordance with items detailed in the BOQ.

Project leader:

  • Project leader should be an engineering graduate (B.E / B. Tech) in Civil/ Electrical & Electronics/ Industrial Engineering having minimum 10 years of work experience in the maintenance field of Metro or Railways System.
  • Project leader should be deployed within 10 days of issue of LOA after taking due approval of Metro Authorities after following due recruitment norms of Maha-Metro. In the event of failure to comply with the above contract condition penalty of Rs. 2,000/- per day will be imposed.
  • Categories indicated above are not equivalent to regular/operative designation Categories/ Post of MAHA-Metro.
  • The future requirement may vary depending upon time-to-time requirement of MAHAMetro which will be intimate to the Contractor separately. Contractor has to provide indicative manpower of above listed and qualification category at the accepted rate for the above quantity and also for varied quantity, if any.
  • The deployment of the number of manpower as total or under each category is subjected to change. The assignment of the deployed persons may be changed from time to time as per requirement of MAHA Metro.
  • The payment shall be made as per certified BOQ, and not based on actual deployment of manpower. Twenty (20%) of monthly payment is linked with the performance of the Contractor, on the basis of KPIs evaluation. Monthly KPIs Evaluation will be implemented from the 2nd Month onwards.
  • Contractor shall not have any claim upon the deployment of manpower as well as payment towards total numbers of manpower as detailed above.
  • The contract shall continue for a period of Four years. The period of the contract may be further extended to 1 year as per requirement and discretion of MAHA-Metro.
  • The contract may be terminated before the contract period owing to deficiency in service or substandard quality of manpower deployed by the selected contractor or cessation of the requirement of work. MAHA-Metro, however, reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time after giving 30 days’ notice to the selected service providing firm/company.
  • The Service provider should have adequate facilities (infrastructure with qualified and expert manpower) for testing / screening, recruitment and training of personnel. This is also subject to evaluation / verification by MAHA-Metro. (Proof of such facilities in terms of Photographs, List of experts/ trainers engaged by the bidders shall be enclosed with the Technical Bid).

Office and store:

  • Suitable land will be provided by Maha-Metro for developing the contractor’s office and store for the contract period with contractor resources and material. Above land along with the developed infrastructure will be handed over by the agency back to Maha Metro.
  • Contractor shall establish offices at his own cost & material for office and testing facilities on land provided by Maha-Metro including furniture and other required assets. Contractor should have arranged the office setup within 30 days after issuing the LOA.
  • List of employees proposed to be deployed by contractor shall be submitted to MAHA-Metro along with educational qualification and experience and its documentary proof. MAHA-Metro reserves rights to seek details of educational qualification and experience certificate, verify and scrutinise the CVs and educational details of proposed/ deployed employees.
  • The contractor shall perform the all-maintenance practice and procedures (Preventive, Corrective & Breakdown) as per the requirement of MAHA-METRO and submit the suitable detailed reports on monthly basis of each wing.
  • The contractor shall be responsible for attending and rectifying the day-to-day general complaints pertaining to O&M systems and resolving the problems/complaints within the prescribed limits.
  • Any other works as and when directed by the authorized person from MAHA-METRO other than mentioned above falling under the domain of O&M Works, directly or indirectly. (Such additional works like wiring, Nailing, piping’s, false ceiling adjustment and any minor installations etc. as per MAHA-METRO requirement wherever required).
  • If any Equipment or Systems of MAHA-METRO are damaged due to mishandling by the contractor’s staff. The whole responsibility for it will be with the contractor. The contractor has to rectify the same at their own risk and cost.
  • The Contractor will provide tablets to all Supervisor & above, who will fill up all data in the tablet in addition to that of filling up in the register.
  • Contractor has to maintain a centralized data cell to facilitate processing & uploading of data in SAP through MAHA-Metro officials.
  • The contractor will be handling maintenance data, maintenance manuals, and maintenance records of different O&M systems. These are proprietary to MAHAMETRO and should not be shared with anyone.
  • At the end of the contract period or termination, all the equipment, hand tools, software, maintenance data, hard copies of maintenance documents, maintenance manuals or any other items belonging to MAHA-METRO shall be handed back in good condition. Any damages found shall be recovered from the contractor whatever amount MAHA-METRO feels necessary.
  • Biometric attendance system shall be maintained by the contractor at his own cost. All employees’ attendance details shall be submitted to MAHA-Metro on a monthly basis along with the bill submission.
  • The contractor shall maintain a database for all their employees in electronic form. The relevant equipment required for maintenance of data is under the scope of the contractor.
  • MAHA-Metro will perform random audits at their discretion to evaluate the quality of maintenance performed by the contractor.
  • The employer shall have the right to remove any employee of the contractor who is considered to be undesirable, poor workmanship, skills, poor quality of work, misconduct, disobey the lawful command. The contractor shall remove such employees with immediate effect and provide a suitable replacement at his own cost.
  • In case of any Emergency, Contractor should be able to assemble all required man power within stipulated time to carry out emergency related works.
  • No continuous two shifts are permitted for Supervisor’s and Maintainers, suitable alternative reliving man power should be available unless otherwise prior permission from MAHA-METRO in charge during a very emergency situation.
  • The Agency shall have transportation facilities for their staff and for material shifting. One dedicated vehicle having sitting arrangement for at least four staff and should have enough space for material transportation shall be available at site for 24×7 with driver having valid driving licence.
  • The Agency must ensure that all its staff shall have Smart mobile phones.


  • The Bids for this work shall be considered from only those bidders (either Single Entity or JV/Consortium) who meet requisite eligibility criteria prescribed in the following paragraphs of this section.
  • The Bidder must not have been blacklisted / debarred, which is in force on the last date of Submission of the Bid
  • For the reasons like supply of sub-standard material, non-supply of material, abandonment of works, sub-standard quality of works, failure to abide “Bid Securing Declaration” etc. by:
    • Any Department / PSU / Subordinate Offices under Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MOHUA) or
    • Any department of Government of Maharashtra, or
    • By Department of Expenditure (DOE), Ministry of Finance, Government of India from participating in any government bidding procedure.


  • JV of Maximum 3 members is allowed.
  • Lead Member must have a minimum 51% contribution and Other Member must have minimum 20% contribution in proposed JV.
  • Full (100%) experience for previous works of the JV shall be considered, if the claiming member of the JV has at least 60% share in previous consortium/ JV for the relevant referred Work Experience, else proportionate quantum of experience of previous works up to the percentage share of participation in the previous JV shall be considered.
  • Existing JV/Consortium already worked/working in any department & meeting the eligibility criteria of *Similar work, mentioned above, can bid with the same JV configuration as a Single Entity.
  • If any member has less than 20% share in previous JV/consortium, his experience shall be considered as non-substantial member and shall not be considered for evaluation.
  • The JV/Consortium member having maximum % contribution in proposed JV & maximum past work experience should be treated as Lead Member.
  • The JV/Consortium member having less than 20% contribution in proposed JV shall be treated as Non-Substantial Member of which no credential shall be considered for evaluation.
  • Each member of the JV/Consortium must meet the requirement of having executed a minimum one work of not less than Rs. 16 Crores towards similar work under One contract having at least one item from (a) or one item from (b) mentioned in the Note-A of the eligibility criteria.
  • For Average Annual Turnover, Bidder shall submit summary of financial data certified by Chartered Accountant with his stamp, signature and UDIN for last five audited financial years (i.e. FY 2022-23, FY 2021-22, FY 2020-21, FY 2019-20, FY 2018-19);
  • In case of audited Balance Sheets of Financial Year 2022-23 are not available, Bidder shall submit an undertaking mentioning so and submit the Provisional Balance Sheets duly certified by Statutory Auditor/ Chartered Accountant with UDIN;
  • In case of provisional Balance Sheets of Financial Year 2022-23 are also not Available, Bidder shall submit Audited Balance sheets of Previous 5 Financial Years i.e. FY 2021-22, FY 2020- FY 2019-20, FY 2018-19 and FY 2017-18.
  • Executed work means either fully completed or ongoing works, subject to the amount of work done is certified by the employer.
  • The Bidder shall submit details of “Similar Work Experience” in the Form given in Section-7 along with documentary proof such as client’s certificates as mentioned in “clause 4(Qualification) Pt. 4.2” above.
  • Experience Certificate should be signed & stamped by Client/Employer with address & contact no’s /email ID, briefly describing the nature of the work done and Amount certified towards this work done.
  • The enclosed experience certificate shall be exclusively for above said services. Any fraudulent/fabricated/forged document related to experience if submitted shall result in rejection of the bidder along with the action of penalising bidder through debarment or forfeiture of bid security or both.

Sale of document, e-payment procedure, submission and other details are available on MAHA-Metro (Nagpur) E- tender portal under section in e- tenders.

Source: Nagpur Metro- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Nagpur Metro