Nagpur Metro Update: Tenders invited for Design consultancy services for Phase-2

Maha-Metro (Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.) has invited tenders for the work of “Design consultancy for Preparation of Traction Overhead Equipment LOP plan & Sectioning Drawing for Nagpur Metro Rail Phase-II”.

  • Tender Ref No.:  2TR-01/2021
  • Name of work: Design consultancy for Preparation of Traction Overhead Equipment LOP plan & Sectioning Drawing for Nagpur Metro Rail Phase-II.
  • Tender Security: INR 50,000/-
  • Completion Period: 180 days
  • Tender Document Download Start Date: 20-07-2021
  • Tender Document Download and Bid Submission Last Date: 20-08-2021
  • Tender Opening Start Date: 20-08-2021 
  • Pre-Bid Meeting Start Date: 06-08-2021

Scope of Work:

  • Nagpur Metro Phase-I has two Corridors  namely North South Corridor (20.77 km) and East-West Corridor (18.79  km). The Traction System adopted is of 25 kV AC Flexible OHE supported on Tubular Portals mounted on Viaduct Parapets. 
  • Now, the Phase-II of Nagpur metro rail project is being the extension of existing corridors as per the details below.
  • Nagpur Metro Rail Phase-II Project corridors:
SN Corridor Elevated At Grade
Length (Km) Stations Length (Km) Stations
1 NS Corridor:  Kanhan River toMIDC ESR
A Corridor1 A – Khapri to MIDC ESR 17.518 8 1.25 2
B Corridor 2A – Automotive square to Kanhan 12.925 12
2 Corridor 2:  Hingna to Transport Naga
A Corridor 3A – Lokmanya Nagar to Hingna 6.657 7
B Corridor 4A – Prajapati Nagar to Transport Nagar 5.44 3
Total 42.541 30 1.25 2
  • OHE construction  agency is yet  to be placed, however,  it is expected that  construction of viaduct for the extended reaches shall start soon. Location of OHE Portals is a mandatory requirement for construction of viaduct to have appropriate loading pads for OHE on  the relevant segments of viaduct / box girders.
  • Exact locations / Segment Ids shall be advised to the Viaduct Contractor beforehand. Following activities are to be accomplished for the purpose –
    • Collection of data  pertaining to Viaduct alignment (Location,  chainages,  curvatures, gradient etc.), Track & Signalling (Location of Points, Crossings, turnouts, spare tracks and Signals) and Station Data (Location, length etc).
    • Preparation of a basic traction power supply scheme in sync with the existing system.
    • Sectioning drawing for the extended section as well modification in the existing system.

Scope of work shall include but not limited to the following:

  • Site survey and analysis of Viaduct and track alignment details (GAD) to finalize the locations for OHE mast complying with the Design Basis Report (DBR) and other  applicable standards for OHE system  design. The service provider shall collect  the  relevant data from other contractors of Maha Metro like.
    • Viaduct GAD from civil contractor. 
    • Track GAD from track contractor. 
    • Station details from the station contractor. 
    • Signalling details from the signalling contractor.
  • Particular attention shall be paid to the compliance of BS EN 50122 and Maha-Metro SOD to achieve required electrical and mechanical clearances at all locations over the viaduct. 
  • Interface with Civils, Track and signalling design teams to obtain correct position of cross overs, turn-outs and track alignment to finalize the OHE structure locations. 
  • Consultant shall provide the OHE structure locations to civil contractors for provision of OHE structure holding down bolts at viaduct segments. Provision for sufficient spare holding down bolts shall be kept for accommodating subsequent design changes during detail design. The details should get approved by Maha-Metro.  
  • Consultant shall provide  the OHE load calculation along with the design of holding  down bolts to the civil contractor. The details should get approved by Maha-Metro.
  • Development of Sectioning scheme to finalize locations of RSS, feeding posts, SPs SSPs and SSs as required. 
  • Development of Pegging plan for OHE layout design showing locations for overlaps, feeding posts, SPs, SSPs, booster transformers.  
  • The LOP Layout Plan & pegging plan shall be prepared using a proven software used for design of layout Plan for OHE. The viewer version of the software used for  design to be provided to Maha-Metro for review of the design and for printing in future as required. The location arrangement  of RC network & booster transformer to be distinctly developed in different layer in software so that it can easily be removed/re-imposed  as required.
  • List of deliverables: 
    • Traction Power Supply Scheme, Sectioning  diagram in CAD format and 3  sets of hard copies, soft copy in PDF format, CAD format & in Software  format in which  design  is done.
    • OHE LOP plan & Pegging Plan with OHE structure locations and  chainages  including anchor locations for OHE, OPC, RC and spare OHE locations in   CAD format superimposed on viaduct and track GAD along with 3 sets of hard copies, soft copy in PDF format, CAD format & in software format in which design is done.  
    • Location of overlaps, obligatory structures (for Switch and crossings), SPs,  FPs, SSPs, SSs and Booster Transformers as per specified design  standards mentioned in the Design Basis Report (DBR) and other applicable standards in 3 sets of hard copies, soft copy in PDF format, CAD format & in software format in which design is done. 
    • Location of drop arms in the station area with design & drawings.
    • OHE load calculations and design of holding down bolts. 
    • Design notes as required. 
  • Interface: 
    • Consultant shall interface with Maha-Metro Civil contractors, DDC’s & other contractors for Viaduct & Track GAD’s, station details, signaling details. Interface for  station Drop  Arm design, station roof stress. It is the responsibility of the consultant to obtain all required details from other contractors/ consultants of Maha-Metro. 
    • Design of holding down bolts, Loading pad for OHE structures & BTRC poles. Design of Drop Arm at station  roofs. OHE  Portal  Plan & elevation drawing, Cross  Section Drawing, foundation details for At Grade section. 
    • Special consideration to be given for the linking Ph-II sections with existing Ph-I corridors with overlaps & suitable neutral section locations & any modifications if  required in existing lines for accommodating the neutral section are to be designed.

Sale of document, e-payment  procedure, submission and other details are available on Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited tender portal under section in e- tenders.

Source: Nagpur Metro-Tender | Image Credit (representational): Nagpur Metro

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