Nagpur Metro update: Tenders invited for Signages and Graphics work for 14 Metro Stations in Reach-2 and Reach-4

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) has invited tenders for Supply, Fabrication and Installation of internal Signages and Graphics work for 14 Metro Stations in Reach-2 and Reach-4 of Nagpur Metro Rail Project. 

  • Tender No.: – N1-Misc-36/2021
  • Name of Work: Supply, Fabrication and Installation of internal Signages and Graphics work for 14 Metro Stations in Reach-2 and Reach-4 of Nagpur Metro Rail Project. 
  • Estimated amount: INR 5,83,03,372/-
  • EMD: INR 30,00,000
  • Completion Period: 06 Months
  • Tender Document Download Start Date & Time: 28-01-2021 
  • Tender Document Download and Bid Submission Last Date & Time: 15-02-2021
  • Tender Opening Start Date & Time: 15-02-2021
  • Pre-Bid Meeting Start Date & Time: 04-02-2021

Employer’s Requirement:


  • Informatory sign board at 15 Metro Stations of Nagpur Metro Rail for easy and convenient customer experience inside the entry,exit, circulation area, concourse area is required as per the specification and design/ drawing provided by Maha-Metro. The Bidder is required to read this bid document in conjunction with the specifications mentioned in the documents and quote accordingly.
  • The works would be quoted for all lead and lift unless otherwise specified particularly in the document. The Metro Stations to be equipped with informatory sign board under the scope of this work are as under
  • Reach-2 stations:
    • Gaddi Godam
    • Kadvi chowk
    • Indora Sq.
    • Nari Road,
    • Automotive sr.
  • Reach-4 stations:
    • Cotton Market
    • Nagpur Railway Station
    • Dosar Vaisya
    • Agrasen Chow
    • Chitaroli Chowk
    • Telephone Exchange
    • Ambedkar Chowk
    • Vaishno Devi
    • Prajapati Nagar

Scope of Work:

General Scope of the proposed Supply and Installation (including fabrication) works of Signage and Graphics including all transportation, loading and unloading, etc. is as below.

  • The contractor will procure materials, fabricate, finish, print, assemble, execute illumination, install and erect the signages at the designated locations within the specified time(s) based on designs, specifications and drawings provided by the DDC/ or MAHAMETRO for Signage and Graphic Design for Nagpur Metro Rail Project.
  • Material procurement: Procurement of all materials shall be as specified in performance specifications for each sign including special colour vinyl films, extrusions, electrical, luminaries, finishing and assembly accessories, structural steel, etc
  • Fabrication: Fabrication should be based on the drawings and specifications of various sign schedules. Fabrication to include all the supporting elements like brackets, suspenders, frameworks, covers, inside structural details, etc.
  • Finishing: Finishing of all signages including their internal structures and panelling as per specifications for colours, etc. Protection against damage is required during handling, transportation and installation.
  • Graphic sign faces: Making signs faces from the original master artworks provided by DDC/ or MAHA-METRO for the text, graphics, symbols using colours matching the specifications, and exact sizes as designated for each station and detailed in the sign schedule.
  • Illumination: Internal illumination of signs to the specified light and specifications including all electrical accessories, connections, and installation inside the casings. Signage contractor shall provide all the cabling and ducting connecting to the nearest designated point provided by the station contractors. Illumination work also includes the integration of dynamic signs within some illuminated signs and integration of input devices and data cabling.
  • Structural and Procurement work: Detailing and designing for fabrication of structural steel work in signages requiring structural support and providing foundations of external street and totem signs including HD bolts and other necessary fixings.
  • Installation of signs: Finishing and final assembly of all signs at identified locations using the specified fixings. 
  • Coordination: Signage contractor to coordinate with DDC/ or MAHA-METRO for Signage and Graphic Design and other designated contractors for the interface for Procurement works, electrical, system vide contractors and other requirements during installation at sites.
  • Shop drawings: Contractors to produce one prototype of each sign type to demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the design details. Contractors will also prepare the shop drawings for fabrication and installation of all signs at all locations in all stations.
  • Testing and commissioning: Contractors will be required to produce test results of manufactured signs to demonstrate the quality and correctness of materials used for fabrication, finishing and assembly. Contractor will apply for a taking over certificate for each station after commissioning of all the signs as per the Contract.
  • After installation service: The signage contractor shall provide guarantees against material defects, bad workmanship and incorrect installation and shall also be liable for replacement of complete signs or any part of the signs installed in the stations, for a period of one year from the date of completion. 
  • It may be noted that the Procurement, Architectural, Electrical and Signal works are in progress in the stations. The successful S&G Bidder will have to liaise with MAHAMETRO and all other designated contractors while executing. The Scope of work is to providing and fixing of Retro Reflectorized, Star Flex & Vinyl.

Sale of document, e-payment procedure, submission and other details are available on MAHA-Metro (Nagpur) E- tender portal under section in e- tenders.

Source: Nagpur Metro-Tender | Image Credit: Nagpur Metro