Navi Mumbai Metro Update: Tender invited for supply of Access Control System at 11 Elevated Stations for Metro Line-1 Project

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Maha Metro), on behalf of CIDCO, has invited tender for Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Personnel Training of Office Automation & Information Technology system and Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Comprehensive Maintenance of Access Control System at 11 nos. of Elevated Stations and Depot-cum-Workshop under Navi Mumbai Metro Line-1 Project.

Key Details:

  • Tender No.: NM1-TL-01/2021
  • Completion Period: 06 Months from the date specified in the LOA.
  • Pre-Bid Meeting: 14/06/2021 at 11.00 hrs.
  • Date & Time of submission of Tender: 30/06/2021 till 16.00 Hrs.
  • Date & Time of Opening of Tender: 30/06/2021 after 16:30 Hours

Scope of Work of Access Control & Intrusion Detection System:

  • The Contractor shall design, supply, install, test, commission, train & maintain all of the equipment (hardware and software), cables, materials and interfaces required to complete the Works for the Access Control & Intrusion Detection System (ACIDS) as described herein at all stations and depot cum workshop.
  • The scope includes comprehensive maintenance during two years of DLP and three years beyond DLP period.
  • The scope of supply for each of the Station, Technical rooms, Depot, Maintenance Centre in OCC and OCC building shall include, but not be limited to the following items:
    • Local ACS servers (Quantity of to be quantified during detail design).
    • Central and Redundant ACS server at OCC.
    • Sensor controllers/modules & software.
    • Over ride key-switch to access equipment rooms.
    • Door, gate, and special motion detectors.
    • Exit push buttons/Card Readers.
    • Enclosures for smart card readers, override key-switches, egress equipment and power supply equipment.
    • All power supply equipment required for ACS system.
    • All test equipment required for the system into verification and validation.
    • The Metro employee’s and sub Contractor’s ID contact-less smart cards to be supplied by AFC vendor & coordinated accordingly.
    • All local power and other cables for the system to perform as per specifications contained herein
  • Functions of Access Control and Intrusion Detection System (ACIDS) shall be access management, alarm management and intrusion detection. The system shall include, but not limited to the detection sensors/equipment, control switch, card readers, interface controllers, local and central ACS servers, display HMI, alarm printers, etc.
  • The ACIDS shall be provided at Stations, OCC, Depot & Administrative Building. The ACIDS in stations, as a minimum, shall be provided in important rooms like SCR, Ticket Office, Service gates (near AFC gate array), ASS and other important rooms. In Depots, OCC & Admin building, ACIDS shall, as a minimum, be provided in Technical rooms (Power Supply, Signalling, Telecomm, AFC and Low Voltage technical rooms), DCC & OCC theatre, Security room including main entry & exit gates to control access into important equipment rooms and critical areas. Location of the ACIDS system shall be finalized during detailed design stage.
  • The functions of the system shall be access management, alarm management and intrusion detection. They shall include, but not limited to the detection sensors/equipment, control switch, card readers, interface controllers, local and central ACS servers, display HMI, alarm printers, etc.
  • The Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) shall be located in the SCR of each station, the guard room at Depot and the OCC to ensure the safety of major equipment. The HMI of ACIDS shall be integrated with HMI of the CCTV system.
  • The alarms shall be logged and transmitted to the ACIDS server and visualized on the HMI in the operator‘s office such as SCR, DCC and administrative building and via the multi-service network to the Central Telecom. Fault Reporting system in the OCC.
  • A highly secure and reliable Access Control and Intrusion Detection System, with fast response times, shall be installed throughout the Metro premises.
  • The Access Control and Intrusion Detection facilities shall jointly detect any breach of security or unauthorized intrusion and raise an alarm.
  • The Access Control System shall monitor, control and record personnel access to and from buildings, rooms and other areas normally prohibited to passengers and also vehicular access to the depots.
  • The completion period for this C.A. would be 06 (Six) months including monsoon/s.

Balance works of Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1:

Meanwhile, Maharashtra Metro Rail Corp. Ltd. (Maha Metro) & CIDCO signed an agreement earlier this year for completion of balance work of 11.1 km long Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 (Phase-1) which spans from Belapur to Pendhar.

  • Maha  Metro have an expert team comprising of personnel specializing in Civil Construction, Electrical, Signalling, Rolling Stock, Traction, Design, Planning & Property development disciplines. Having an expert team experienced in event planning and timely project execution, helps Maha Metro in completing mega MRTS projects within stipulated time.
  • CIDCO has therefore entrusted Maha Metro to complete the balance work of Belapur to Pendhar, Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 (Phase-1) project on deposit terms.
  • Maha-Metro will invite bids (wherever necessary) on behalf of CIDCO and enter into contracts for execution of the balance civil and system works, including rolling stock, Signalling and other components and for procurement of systems and services required, if any, for the said project.
  • The entire work will be executed by Maha-Metro and financed by CIDCO.
  • Maha Metro will complete the balance work of Belapur to Pendhar line in 24 months from the date of signing of agreement. 
  • The Belapur to Phandhar line of Navi Mumbai Metro has 11 stations and is covering a length of 11.1 km. The Rolling Stock and Systems equipment will also be inspected by Maha Metro.

Alignment of the Project:

The alignment of the Navi Mumbai Metro Rail Project Corridor-I, Line-1 from Belapur to Pendhar will have following stations: Belapur terminal – RBI Colony – Belapada – Utsav Chowk – Kendriya Vihar – Kharghar Village – Central Park – Pethpada – Amandoot – Pethali Taloja – Pendhar

  • Length: 11.10 Kms (complete elevated Metro Rail Corridor)
  • Total  Stations: 11 Metro Rail Station with one Terminal at Belapur.
  • OCC/Depot: OCC & Major Depot at Taloja.

Tender Documents are available on Maha-Metro e-tender portal

Source: Nagpur Metro-Tender | Image Credit (representational): CIDCO

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