Navi Mumbai Metro Update: Tender invited for supply of Personal & Baggage Screening System at Elevated Stations for Metro Line-1 project

The Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Maha-metro) has invited tender for  Design, Supply, Installation,Testing, Commissioning and Comprehensive Maintenance of Personal & Baggage Screening System and Staff Gate at 11 nos.of Elevated Stations and Depot-cum-Workshop under Navi Mumbai Metro Line-1 Project.

  • Tender No.: NM1-TL-02/2021
  • Name of Work: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Comprehensive Maintenance of Personal & Baggage Screening System and Staff Gate at 11 nos.of Elevated Stations and Depot-cum-Workshop under Navi Mumbai Metro Line-1 Project.
  • Time for Completion: 12 Months from the date of issue of LOA
  • Tender Document Download Start Date: 18-12-2021
  • Tender Document Download and Bid Submission Last Date: 13-01-2022
  • Tender Opening Start Date: 13-01-2022
  • Pre-Bid Meeting Start Date: 03-01-2022

Scope of Work

  • “Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (inclusive of staff, labour, consumables, assemblies and spares) for Security Equipment supplied.
  • All scheduled checks as per OEM periodicity. All consumable like oil/lubes  and other items at frequency of OEM. All safety check, test of parts as per  the OEM and/or the Standard for Security Equipment.
  • Repair of equipment/ parts.
  • Replacement of items/spares card etc. as per requirement of repair.
  • The contractor has to do the maintenance of the SecurityEquipment under this  contract. In addition to obligations under the Conditions of Contract, the Contractor shall provide maintenance services for specified period (03Years) after defect liability  period for all the Security Equipment supplied under the Contract. 
  • Maintenance work shall include attending to all service calls regarding unscheduled  trouble or breakdown and also all such items of work described in approved  Maintenance Schedule of OEM and/or Regulatory Authorities in the state of Maharashtra as per the followings: 
    • All defects shall be remedied either when observed on the weekly service call or on  an attendance to a service call. Service shall include all work necessary to maintain  the entire Security Equipmentin good working order at all times. 
    • The Contractor shall maintain adequate quantity of consumable and contingent  spare parts as per agreed list at site in order to minimize the shut down time due to repairs and maintenance. All parts rendered defective, including replacement of  indicator lamps and programmable circuit board,shall be replaced by the Contractor. The list of these consumable and contingent spares should be submitted for Notice of no objection at the same time as the submission of the Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PM) & Corrective Maintenance (CM) procedure.
    • The Mandatory spares as  per the approved list will be handed over by the Contractor to the employer at the time of taking over of equipment I section in proportionate quantity and AMC Spares in proportionate quantity shall be maintained by contractor at contractor’s own store at Navi Mumbai Line-1 Tender No. NM1-TL-02/2021 PART-II: Work Requirement Annexure-VII-6: ParticularSpecification–CAMC Maha-MetroDec-2021209a location approved by employer during AMC Period. 
    • The balance AMC spares (balance after actual consumption, the contractor has to  take written permission for using AMC spares from employer otherwise it will be assumed  that the contractor has not used AMC spares and shall be liable to return these spares after completion of AMC) shall be the property of the employer and if any additional spares are required, the contractor shall arrange the same without any extra payment. Mandatory spares (if any) provided to the Employer under the Contract will not normally be released to the Contractor for AMC purpose.
    • The Contractor shall dispatch competent personnel to rectify stoppages at any time  during the day or night when being called on by the Employer within a time of half an  hour (maximum). Repairs shall be carried out on a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week basis until the faulty unit is put back in service. 
    • The Contractor shall carry out periodic testing and examination of equipment safety devices as may be required by the provisions of any enactment in force  relating  thereto or of any enactment, regulations or by-laws of any local or other duly constituted authority which may be applicable to such tests and to provide such  copies of the test certificates, duly signed by a Registered Security Equipment “Engineer/Engineer’s Representative” and Registered Security Equipment    Contractor,  as may be required. A master schedule of such planned tests shall be submitted to the Employer at least two months before commencement of the AMC. 
    • The Contractor shall provide quarterly and half-yearly reports on the condition of the equipment in an agreed format. Such reports shall include event logs and performance data collected from the associated indicative panel stored on disks or other agreed medium, over the reporting period. Such data shall enable off-line individual and fleet statistical analysis to be performed on a Personal Computer.
    • A report in duplicate shall be sent to the Employer immediately following every call  out, indicating the time of call out visit, cause, remedial action taken and the time  that the service was restored. The monthly summary of failure report along with the analysis given details of nature of fault, remedial action taken etc. in the approved format shall be provided. 
    • Reports on routine visits are not required except where necessary to draw attention to defects of a minor nature which could not be rectified during the routine visit.  Records of each routine visit  and call-out visit, together with details of the work done or action taken, shall be  entered on a log book which shall be provided by the Contractor and retained in the location as decided by the “Engineer/Engineer’s Representative”. 
    • Before the expiry of the Defects Liability Period, the Contractor shall perform a Performance test for each Security Equipment tore-confirm that the function of the system is being met and shall undertake corrective adjustment if necessary. This test may be incorporated into the half-yearly equipment survey maintenance works. 
    • The Contractor shall provide a maintenance plan and a major component   replacement programme for review and acceptance by the “Engineer/Engineer’s Representative” 90 days before the scheduled commencement of the AMC Period.
    • The Maintenance service shall include all Preventive/Scheduled & Corrective Maintenance. In this context, the Contractor shall submit a PM Schedule and  CM  procedure for Notice of no objection, 3 months before the commencement of the AMC. 
    • In order to ensure that the system will meet the RAM targets and Customer Service requirements using the minimum resources, the Contractor shall conduct a detailed Maintenance Requirement Analysis to derive a complete list of preventive  maintenance schedules and procedures under the Contract.  
    • The Maintenance Requirement Analysis shall identify for each system function the potential functional failures, the failure consequences and the appropriate maintenance approach. RAM analysis shall be submitted quarterly during 03years AMC. Based on the Maintenance Requirement Analysis, the Contractor shall indicate in the Maintenance Plan, the final preventive maintenance programme, the  proposed skill and manning level, spares level and special tools required.  
    • The proposal shall be fully traceable to the maintenance Requirement Analysis output. The Maintenance Requirement Analysis shall be submitted as part of the  maintenance plan, under the main contract tender submission. However, tenderers  will be allowed to defer submission of this Analysis, latest 12 months before the commencement of the AMC Period, by presenting formal written request for such deferral. 
    • The contractor is to ensure that their responsible engineers are available at Nagpur 24×7 to attend any breakdown or maintenance.
    • The Contractor shall make available to the Employer all test and failure data as required.

Sale of document, e-Payment procedure, submission and other  details are available on Maha-Metro tender portal under section in e-tender portal.

Source: Maha Metro-Tender | Image Credit (representational): CIDCO