NCRTC organises community awareness program in Muradnagar in partnership with ADB under JFPR initiative

NCRTC organised a Community Awareness Program recently in Muradnagar, Ghaziabad. This program was conducted under the aegis of the Japan Fund for Prosperous and Resilient Asia and the Pacific (JFPR) initiative provided to NCRTC in conjunction with ADB loan for the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS project. The theme of this program was ‘Empowering Women Through Transport and Mobility’, with special emphasis on the role of RRTS in such empowerment.

More Details:

  • The participants largely comprised female students and women residing in nearby rural areas. NCRTC conducted a session to make them aware of various women-friendly provisions in RRTS and how India’s first Regional Rail will help empower them through improved access and increased opportunities apart from safe travel.

  • Despite being a part of the National Capital Region, the people, especially women of this region are often deprived of the professional, economic, social, and health-related opportunities and facilities offered due to the unavailability of adequate transportation. Safety concerns often make it difficult for them to pursue their dreams and it results in not only their loss but a loss of talent and resources for the country.
  • RRTS with a design speed of 180 km/hr, would offer commuter transit services which would be safe, comfortable, and reliable, and reduce the commuter journey time to one-third in the region. With an unprecedented focus on Multi-Modal-Integration, NCRTC is creating a huge network of networks by integrating RRTS stations with Railway Stations, Inter State Bus Terminals (ISBTs)/Bus Depots, Airport and Metro Stations, wherever possible, enabling seamless commuter movement.

  • Commuter-centricity being paramount for NCRTC, every RRTS train has a coach designated for women commuters. Stations and Trains will be monitored 24×7 through CCTV cameras, Trains will be operationalised through a Centralised Operation Control Room and Platform Screen Doors (PSD) will be installed at every RRTS station and trains will run only after both the train doors and PSDs are closed.
  • The participants were zealous about the RRTS project, especially to have such safe, and high-class services and appreciated the various efforts being made by NCRTC to ensure commuter comfort for regional travel.

  • To address and provide solutions to the women’s safety concerns, a special session was conducted on the ‘Apps to use in distress situations’, especially to assist safely in the public mode of transportation. The participants were much appreciative of this valuable and informative session and applauded the team.
  • Working professionals and students, especially those who often have to travel alone at odd hours found it most beneficial. Some other sessions on the benefits of Economic Empowerment, Micro Financing Opportunities and Benefits of Access to Health Services were also conducted at this community awareness program.

  • NCRTC organises such community awareness programs from time to time, to make people aware of India’s first regional rail and how it will unlock the potential of the region. It is also to encourage them to switch from their private vehicles and choose RRTS as a preferred mode of public transport, once it begins its revenue operations.

Source: NCRTC- Press Release | Images Credit: NCRTC

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