New railway line between Gundlakamma and Darsi opens, enhancing connectivity in Andhra Pradesh

A new 27-kilometre railway line connecting Gundlakamma and Darsi has been officially opened and is now operational, marking a significant milestone in the Nadikudi – Srikalahasti Railway Line Project, one of the most ambitious railway initiatives in Andhra Pradesh. Initially, trains operating in this non-electrified rail line are allowed to travel at a maximum speed of 75 kmph.

Image Credit (representational): Central Railway

More Details:

This new section is part of the expansive Nadikudi – Srikalahasti project that was launched to connect several interior regions of the Guntur, Prakasam, and Nellore districts to the rail network for the first time. The project, sanctioned in the 2011-12 financial year, spans a total of 309 kilometres and involves an estimated investment of Rs. 2,289 crores, shared equally between the Railways and the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Image Credit (representational): SCR

The project is being executed in 5 phases:

  • Phase-I: Piduguralla – Savalyapuram (47 km)
  • Phase-II: Gundlakamma – Darsi (27 Km) 
  • Phase-III: Darsi – Kanigiri (52 Km) & Venkatagiri – Atluripadu (15 Km)
  • Phase-IV: Kanigiri – Pamuru (35 Km) & Atluripadu – Venkatapuram (43 km)
  • Phase-V: Pamuru – Obulayapalle – Venkatapuram (90 km)

The first section between Piduguralla – Savalyapuram for 47 kms has already been completed and commissioned along with electrification. The section between Nadikude – Piduguralla falls in the existing line connecting Bibinagar with Guntur and the section between Savalyapuram – Gundlakamma falls o­n the existing rail line connecting Guntur with Guntakal. Now, with the completion and commissioning of the stretch between Gundlakamma – Darsi for 27 kms, a continuous stretch of 122 kms of rail lines between Nadikude – Darsi will be available for operation of train services.

Image Credit (representational): SCR

Strategic Importance:

The Nadikudi – Srikalahasti line serves as a crucial alternate route to the often congested and cyclone-prone coastal railway line between Vijayawada and Chennai. This new route not only provides a reliable alternative but also supports substantial freight and passenger traffic, benefiting the mineral-rich belt of the region.

Image Credit (representational): SCR

The project, upon completion, will also offer the shortest route between Guntur and the revered temple town of Tirupati, enhancing travel efficiency for countless passengers.

Source: South Central Railway – Press Release | Featured Image Credit (representational): SCR