NFR decides to go Paperless and launches Electronic Transmission of Railway Receipt (eT-RR)

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Indian Railways carry millions of tonnes of freight every year that translates into operations of number of freight trains daily to provide transportation of goods. N.F. Railway plays an important role in the freight operation system within the region and across the country. With the mission to become carbon neutral and increase efficiency, N. F. Railway has decided to go paperless, as far as freight business is concerned, and implement a digital mode of generating the Railway Receipts (RR), both for (consignor & consignee). This is when the Electronic Transmission of Railway Receipt (eT-RR) was introduced to replace the manual Railway Receipt (RR) system gradually.

More details:

  • During the beginning of the financial year, i.e., from 1st April till 12th May, 2022, eT-RR marks a steady growth of adoption by the customers in the entire freight business of N. F. Railway. 
  • In the month of April, 2022 all five divisions of N.F. Railway issued 552 numbers of eT-RR out of a total of 622 Railway Receipts, which is 88.7% of the Railway Receipts generated. Thereafter, from 1st May till 12th May, 2022, out of total of 236 Railway Receipts, 219 eT-RR were issued which is 92.8%
  • RR (Railway Receipt) is a vital document, in the entire chain of freight business of Railways. It is like an acknowledgement receipt of goods for transportation by railways. The owner of original Railway Receipt is supposed to be the owner of the goods. In the earlier system, the customers used to face the problem of delay in taking delivery of goods.
  • Earlier, whenever the freight trains reach its destination, the original Railway Receipts were supposed to be produced (both by consignor and consignee), which itself used to be a time taking process for its procurement. The new system of transmission of RR electronically, eliminates this problem entirely.
  • System of generating eT-RR has been enabled in almost all the functioning locations of freight business in the Divisions under N. F. Railway. The entire process is carried out through FOIS portal.
  • In order to avail this facility, customers (both consignors and consignees) have to pre-register themselves at the nearest Railway Division, where they carry out their business. The new system introduced is a very simple, secure & user-friendly system which would immensely benefit freight customers.
  • Railway Receipt, a mandatory document, for effecting delivery of goods, is generated, transmitted and surrendered or deposited electronically saving time for the freight service consumers thus promoting more trade for N.F. Railway. Electronic Transmission of Railway Receipt (eT-RR) is definitely a game changer as far as freight business of Railways is concerned.

Source: Northeast Frontier Railway -Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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