NHSRCL invites bids for commissioning of Grid Connected Roof Top Solar PV Project and structure works on RESCO Model

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National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) has invited sealed bids from eligible bidders to participate in Request for Selection (RfS) for Site Survey, Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning including Warranty, Operation and Maintenance of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV Power System for High Speed Rail Terminal Building at Sabarmati, Ahmedabad.

  • Tender Reference Number: NHSRCL/ADI/MA/EL/SBI SOALR/108/.2
  • Name of Work: Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV Project and Associated Support Structure Works under RESCO Model for a Period of 25 Years at High Speed Rail Terminal at Sabarmati.
  • Tender Security / EMD: INR 2.80 Lakh
  • Completion period of the Work: 06 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 31-Dec-2021 
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 27-Jan-2022 
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 17-Jan-2022 
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 14-Jan-2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 27-Jan-2022
  • Bid Opening Date: 28-Jan-2022 


  • NHSRCL intends to install a Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV System on HSRT, Sabarmati under RESCO Model The generated Solar Power may be utilized for captive application and the surplus Power may/may not be fed to the Grid.
  • NHSRCL aims to reduce the fossil fuel-based electricity and make buildings self- sustainable from the point of electricity consumption, to the extent possible. 
  • If Bidder intends to claim any incentives/subsidies he must coordinate with the approving agencies by themselves. NHSRCL shall not pay any incentive/subsidies to the contractor except the tariff accepted in PPA.
  • The Bidder is advised to read carefully all instructions and conditions appearing in this document and understand them fully. 
  •  Information and documents required as per the bid document must be furnished.
  • Failure to provide the information and/ or documents as required may render the bid technically unacceptable.
  • The bidder shall be deemed to have examined the bid document, to have obtained his own information in all matters whatsoever that might affect carrying out the works in line with the scope of work specified elsewhere in the document at the offered rates and to have satisfied himself to the sufficiency of his bid. 
  • The bidder shall be deemed to know the scope, nature and magnitude of the works and requirement of materials, equipment, tools and labour involved, wage structures and as to what all works he has to complete in accordance with the bid documents irrespective of any defects, omissions or errors that may be found in the bid documents.
  • If Bidder intends to claim any incentives/subsidies he must coordinate with the approving agencies by themselves. 
  • NHSRCL shall not pay any incentive/subsidies to the contractor except the tariff accepted in PPA.

Scope of Work:

  • The Scope of work for the bidder include Designing of Plant for installation on Fins above the rooftop of buildings for 25 years, Obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Distribution Company (DISCOM) for grid connectivity, execution of PPA (in the prescribed format attached herewith this RfS document), Complete Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Storage, Civil Work, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of the Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV Project Including Operation and Maintenance (O & M) of the project for a period of 25 years after commissioning of the projects as per NHSRCL’s Acceptance.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Guidelines to be Mandatorily followed by Bidders:

  • The bidder shall be responsible for all the required activities for successful operation and maintenance of the Rooftop Solar PV system for a period of 25 years from the date of commissioning of the plant.
  • For system below mentioned guidelines, shall be followed. In addition, O & M practices shall be strictly followed as per Annexure C.
  • O&M of Solar Power Plant shall be compliant with grid requirements to achieve committed energy generation.
  • Deputation of qualified and experienced engineer/ technicians till the O&M period at project site.
  • Periodic cleaning of solar modules. The modules shall be cleaned with a periodic interval of 15 days or as and when required as per actual site conditions. It’s the responsibility of the bidder to get the modules cleaned during O & M Period. Roof Top Owner is responsible for such obligation of bidder so as to achieve guaranteed CUF.
  • Periodic checks of the Modules, PCUs and BoS shall be carried out as a part of routine preventive and breakdown maintenance.
  • Immediate replacement of defective Modules, Invertors/PCUs and other equipment as and when required.
  • Supply of all spares, consumables and fixtures as required. Such stock shall be maintained for all associated equipments and materials as per manufacturer’s / supplier’s recommendations.
  • All the testing instruments required for Testing, Commissioning and O&M for the healthy operation of the Plant shall be maintained by the Bidder. The testing equipments must be calibrated once in a year from NABL accredited labs and the certificate of calibration must be kept for reference as required.
  • If negligence/ mal-operation on part of the Bidder’s operator results in failure of equipment, such equipment should be repaired/ replaced by the Bidder free of cost.
  • Co-ordination with Owner / DISCOM / CEIG as per the requirement for Joint Metering Report (JMR). The person in charge present at site from bidder’s side shall take a joint meter reading in the presence of rooftop owner on a monthly basis. Furnishing generation data (JMR) each month to NHSRCL positively by 1st week of every month for the previous month.
  • Online Performance Monitoring, controlling, troubleshooting, maintaining of logs & records. A maintenance record register is to be maintained by the operator with effect from
  • Commissioning to record the daily generation, regular maintenance work carried out as well as any preventive and breakdown maintenance along with the date of maintenance, reasons for the breakdown, duration of the breakdown, steps taken to attend the breakdown, etc.
  • For any issues related to operation & maintenance, a toll-free number shall be made available to NHSRCL to resolve within 72 hours.
  • If any jobs covered in O&M Scope as per RfS are not carried out by the contractor/ Bidders during the O&M period, the Engineer-In-Charge shall take appropriate action as deemed fit. NHSRCL reserves the right to make surprise checks/ inspection visits at its own or through authorized representative to verify the O&M activities being carried out by the Bidder. Failure to adhere to above guidelines will result in penal action including debarring from participation in next tender.

Project Inspection:

  • The project progress will be monitored by NHSRCL and the projects will be inspected for quality at any time during commissioning or after the completion of the project either by officer(s) from NHSRCL or any agency/ experts designated / authorised by NHSRCL from time to time. 
  • NHSRCL shall depute a technical person(s), experts/ agencies for third party verification, monitoring of system installed to oversee, the implementation as per required standards and also to visit the manufacturer’s facilities to check the quality of products as well as to visit the system integrators to assess their technical capabilities as and when required.
  • The cost of Inspection to be carried out by NHSRCL shall be borne by NHSRCL. The cost of re- inspection, if any, shall be borne by the Vendor. The projects shall be inspected at any time during commissioning or after the completion of the project.

Tender documents may be downloaded from CPPP site https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app

Source: NHSRCL-Tender | Image Credit (representational): DMRC

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