Noida Metro update: NMRC invites RFP for providing E-Rickshaw services to Metro commuters

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The Noida Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (NMRC) has invited RFP for Engagement of Agency for providing free E-Rickshaw services to Metro commuters for seamless connectivity between Sec -51 Metro Station (NMRC) and  Sector-52 Metro Station (DMRC) through dedicated pathway/cartway.

  • Tender Number: NMRC/Free_E-Rikshaw/147/2021
  • Name of the Bid: RFP for Engagement of Agency for providing free E-Rickshaw services to Metro commuters for seamless connectivity between Sec -51 Metro Station (NMRC) and  Sector-52  Metro Station (DMRC) through dedicated pathway/cartway.
  • License Period: 2 Years
  • EMD: INR 50,000/-
  • Pre Bid Meeting: 12/04/2021
  • Date of Technical Bid Opening: 23/04/2021

About the project:

  • Noida and Greater Noida are being developed as satellite towns to New Delhi and more and more people from Delhi and other areas are shifting to these towns in  search of fresh  air, greenery and better infrastructure. There is a need of  providing  an efficient, reliable  and comfortable transportation system for the population intending to settle in these towns and also the public coming to these areas for education, service and business. 
  • Noida Metro Rail Corporation is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) formed for  planning  and executing urban transport projects in Noida, Greater Noida regions. The Company desires to provide a world-class Public Transportation System with state-of-the-art technology. As such, the overarching criterion for setting up of the Company is to help create an efficient, safe, reliable, economical and affordable public transport system.  
  • Sector-51 Metro Station of Aqua line (NMRC) and Sec-52 Metro Station of Blue line (DMRC) is adjacent to each other and there are a number of passengers who use both Metro systems on a regular/daily basis. To provide seamless, hassle free, easy and free connectivity between these two Metro Stations, it is conceptualised  to  provide the free connectivity through E-Rickshaws operated on a dedicated pathway/cartway.  
  • NMRC invites E-Bids for Engagement of Agency for providing free E-Rickshaw services to Metro commuters for seamless connectivity between Sec-51 Metro Station and Sector-52 Metro Station through dedicated pathway/cartway in NMRC Network with a well-controlled system to ensure better convenience & comfort for Metro commuters. 
  • The objectives of the service are encapsulated below: 
    • To provide convenience to the passengers by way of transferring them between the two said metro stations.
    • To ensure dedicated, safe & secure, punctual and reliable connecting services for the metro Passengers. 
  • In this regard, the Corporation now invites the interested Bidder/s to submit their proposals as per provisions of this Request for Proposal Document. 
  • NMRC will shortlist the Bidders on the basis of evaluation criteria mentioned in this RFP Document. On the basis of the minimum evaluation criteria, qualified Bidders will be shortlisted. Financial proposals of only qualified Bidders will be opened.

License Period:

  • The Contract shall be for a period of 2 (Two) years with lock in period of 1 (One) year, subsequent to actual start date of the service by the selected Agency. 
  • On completion of 2 (Two) Years, NMRC shall invite fresh bids and the “Operator/ Preferred Partner” already working with NMRC will have the first right of refusal. 
  • In case they are not the lowest bidder they will be offered an opportunity to match their bid to that of lowest one received by NMRC. 
  • Only on their refusal to do so, the lowest bidder then shall be allowed. 
  • In the event of delay in finalizing the fresh bid beyond the 2 (Two) years period of start/commencement of the service, the existing arrangement and monthly fee shall be extended for the period required. 
  • This extension will however not last for not more than 1 (One) year.

Requirements / Pre-requisites for Operator:

  • Operator has to ensure 10 operational E-Rickshaws at all times during operation. 
  • All E-Rickshaws shall be owned, managed and controlled and operated by the  Operator and operator will bear all the associated costs.  
  • The operator shall engage minimum four-seater E-Rickshaws, excluding the driver.
  • The operator shall make own arrangements for lubricants / battery charger, batteries etc., and all other maintenance works as applicable necessary for the operation of the fleet. 
  • E-Rickshaw parking facility and Charging facility shall also be managed by the Operator company, however alternatively NMRC can also provide the spaces (other than Sec-51 Metro Station) as per feasibility for develop parking and charging facility by the operator at their own cost and risk and same will be on chargeable basis.  
  • E-Rickshaws shall be conforming to the latest specifications and relevant standards  notified by Government of India/Govt. of UP and will carry certification from approved testing centers for the same. 
  • E-Rickshaws shall have the certification from Government of India approved testing centres (ARAI, ICAT,  etc.), so as to satisfy the required performance of E-Rickshaw as a whole and also conformance to the relevant applicable specifications for the main components used in it as the Motor, Battery, Motor Controller, Mechanical Power Transmission system, its body, other auxiliary systems such as brakes, lighting and control, etc. and the overall safety. 
  • For reliable and economical after sale service, indigenously developed superior  designs by reputed manufacturers of E-Rickshaws with Solar panel shall be preferred. 
  • Each E-Rickshaw shall be registered individually with appropriate Transport Authority, if required. 
  • Number of E-Rickshaws deployed by the Operator shall be as per the number mentioned in the RFP to match with the required frequency and load of metro commuters.
  • E-Rickshaws deployed by the Operator shall be supplied from an original manufacturer of the E-Rickshaws/ an Authorised dealer thereof. 
  • The e-rickshaw shall be fully compliant with the Government’s Make in India campaign.   
  • Zero Carbon emissions as vehicles being electric.   
  • Fleet of E-Rickshaws for metro connectivity may be given a uniform and pleasing appearance; proposed colour and design in this regard should be of Aqua colour bearing the Logo of NMRC.  
  • Literate and trained drivers in Uniform shall be deployed by Operator to run these E-Rickshaws. 
  • Preferably a suitable overnight parking hub(s) to park E-Rickshaws (at night) and to carry out repairs and maintenance suitably equipped with spares and technical team shall be available with the Operator. 
  • All expenses / cost related to maintenance / refurbishment of vehicles will be borne only by the operator for the tenure of the contract. In the event of a vehicle getting damaged beyond repair the operator may arrange for replacement of the vehicle at his discretion but NMRC shall not be liable for the same.

Facilities to be provided by NMRC:

  • NMRC shall provide dedicated exclusive earmarked pathway/cartway, for halt,  movement/ stabling of E-Rickshaws of the exclusive preferred partner  throughout  metro working hours according to site feasibility.  
  • These earmarked paths shall be for exclusive use by E-Rickshaws of the operator only. NMRC may facilitate the operator for the same to avoid entry of other E-Rickshaws at such earmarked space. 
  • NMRC shall allow the Operator to erect (backlit) display standees in the earmarked area for easy identification of E-Rickshaws services by the Metro commuters. 
  • Use of words “Preferred Partner of Noida Metro/ NMRC” shall be allowed but use of NMRC logo shall not be permitted on E-Rickshaws without specific permission in writing by NMRC.  
  • All safety & security measures related to charging and parking infrastructure and that  of E-Rickshaws shall be undertaken by the Operator and NMRC shall remain indemnified at all times for any possible liability arising out of any mis-happening. 
  • Upon written request from the operator, and subject to the operator’s complying with Applicable Laws, NMRC may facilitate to the operator in: 
    • Procuring Applicable Permits.
    • Getting any other statutory permissions if any.

This tender document is available on the web site or on NMRC website (

About Noida-Greater Noida Metro:

  • The NMRC has opened its Metro Rail corridor covering the length of 29.707KM between Noida & Greater Noida and operational since 26th January, 2019.
  • The stretch consisting of 21 stations out of which 15 are in Noida and 6 in Greater Noida).
  • NMRC has received “IGBC PLATINUM” rating for all 21 elevated stations of NMRC from IGBC Green Rating System.
  • The city bus services are in operation and a total of 50 low floor air conditioned buses have been deployed as metro feeder bus service in Noida & Greater Noida providing last mile connectivity form NMRC metro stations covering almost all major landmarks, residential societies, Companies, Educational Institutions etc.
  • E – rickshaws has also been deployed at major metro stations for the facilities of the commuters.

Source: NMRC-Tender | Image Credit (representational): NMRC

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