Noida Metro update: NMRC reschedules Metro train services from today

Noida Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (NMRC) has decided to reschedule its Metro train services from Monday (19th July, 2021). As the night curfew timings in Uttar Pradesh have been revised from 2200 hours to 0600 hours against earlier 2000 hours to 0700 hours. 

  • As weekend curfew is still in vogue in Gautam Buddha Nagar, train services will not be operated on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday. 
  • Following schedule of train operation will be followed from 19-07-2021:-
Existing Train Frequency Revised Train Frequency w.e.f 19-07-21


Peak Hours Off Peak HoursPeak Hours Off Peak Hours
15 Min30 Min10 Min15 Min
TimingsFrom 7AM to 8 AMFrom 6AM to 10PM

  1. Peak hours of NMRC train Services – from 8AM and 5AM to 8PM
  1. No Train services to be operated on partial curfew days i.e. Saturday, Sunday and any other.


  • NMRC witnesses a steeping rise in the ridership of the NGN Corridor. 
  • Details of the same are as follows:
    • 18.06. 2021-5,299 passengers
    • 25.06.2021-5,773 passengers
    • 02.07.2021-6708 passengers
    • 09.07. 2021- 7675 passengers
    • 16.07.2021- 8895 passengers
  • The highest ridership of 9,489 passengers was on 12th July 2021 (Monday) after resuming metro services on 09.06.2021.

Safety Measures:

  • NMRC has been taking proactive measures to spread awareness regarding the virus and ensure that its premises and trains are clean and sanitized. 
  • The measures being taken by NMRC in this regard is as follows:
    • Special intensive Cleaning and Sanitation Drives are being undertaken at all NMRC premises including the stations, Crew Control lobby, Operations Control Centre (OCC) and inside the trains.
    • Trains are being cleaned and sanitized thoroughly in the Depot Station after every trip.
    • Regular announcements are being made at every station regarding maintaining adequate social distance and washing the hands in the washrooms available at the metro stations.
    • Toilets / washrooms at all the stations are being cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals.
    • NMRC is ensuring regular cleanliness of areas of “public touching” like Escalator Handrails, Staircase Railings, AFC Gates, Lift buttons, switches, etc. inside the stations and Hand Support, Train Doors, Seats, etc. inside the trains.
    • For the safety of the NMRC staff deployed at stations, masks and gloves have been provided to the staff involved in housekeeping activities and frisking of the passengers.
    • Intensive cleaning of trains is being done every night in the Depot after closure of commercial operations.
    • Noida Metro’s staff has been sensitized regarding Do’s and Don’ts and guidelines have been circulated among the NMRC staff to prevent the spread of Corona Virus.
    • Banners and other displays to generate awareness regarding the Corona Virus have been displayed at NMRC premises. Corona Advisory has been placed by NMRC at 8 locations at each metro station.
    • All NMRC staff has been instructed to follow basic protective measures advised by the Health Ministry.
  • NMRC has also urged all Metro commuters and citizens to maintain social distancing and avoid using public transport until extremely essential. 

Non-Farebox Revenue:

Meanwhile, in order to Augment the Non-Farebox Revenues, Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) (NMRC) has come up with an attractive idea of alternate and better use of vacant parking space in NMRC Network at various stations by offering the dedicated unused/leftover Parking area at Stations to the Food Truck Vendors. 

  • This initiative shall also help NMRC boost its ridership through enhancement of aesthetic and public amenities at/in the vicinity of Metro Stations.
  • NMRC has issued an Expression of Interest (EOI) to call out applications from interested vendors.
  • The Mobile Food/Food Truck Service Vendor will pay NMRC a fixed license fee/rental fee to avail the designated space at the parking area which shall be decided by NMRC.
  • The minimum tentative space proposed to be provided for installation of each Food Truck is 25sqm and the maximum available space shall vary station wise. 
  • Total 15 stations have been offered for Food/Recreational/Utility Truck Facility under the EOI. 
  • Electricity shall be provided by NMRC at applicable commercial rate(s) to the vendor, however all installation and associated costs shall be borne by the vendor. 
  • Further arrangement for disposal of waste out of NMRC premises shall be done by the vendor.
  • The selection of the vendor shall be on H 1 quote basis i.e. the vendor who pays the highest license fee to NMRC will be selected by NMRC.
  • The Selection for each location shall be done separately.

Source: NMRC-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): NMRC