Noida Metro Update: Tender invited for ticket vending services at NMRC stations

Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) Ltd. has invited online open e-Bids from interested Bidder/s to submit their proposals as per provisions for Ticket Vending services at NMRC stations.

  • Tender Reference Number: NMRC/TVS/232/2022
  • Name of Work: Request For Proposal (RFP) for Ticket Vending services at NMRC stations.
  • Approximate Cost of Work: INR 22,73,10,817 Crore
  • Period of Contract: 04 Years
  • EMD: INR 22,73,108 Lakhs
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 02nd December, 2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 26th December, 2022
  • Pre-bid Meeting: 08th December, 2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 02nd December, 2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 26th December, 2022
  • Bid Opening Date: 27th December, 2022

Scope of Work:

  • The Contractor shall be required to execute the Ticket Vending Services with a uniformed and trained manpower with the specifications as determined by NMRC. The design and shade of the uniforms will be approved by NMRC.
  • The services may be required at the metro stations and other locations, as deemed fit, by NMRC. The brief of the required services, working requirement and area of deployment is detailed as under;
  • To issue QR Code / Contactless Smart Cards from Ticket Office Machines (TOMs) / other authorized mediums installed at the stations / other locations of NMRC. The personnel, so deployed, may be asked to perform associated / related works. They will be required to ensure cleanliness in and around their workplace.
  • The man day (deployment) is for 9 hours shift including 01 hour break for Lunch, Tea and Rest.
  • The requirement of Ticket Vending Services Personnel and Supervisor shall be fixed by NMRC from time to time depending on the requirement / traffic pattern at different stations / locations of NMRC.

The Contractor may be asked to provide other Services also viz:

  • To man NMRC’s Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Gates for prevention of QR Code loss/misuse and to guide/inform passengers regarding use of AFC Gates and penalties in case of violations
  • To undertake crowd management at station areas like Platforms, Lifts, Escalators, Circulating Area, etc.
  • To guide commuters regarding NMRC system, good behavior & etiquette
  • To obtain and record/survey different commuter services data
  • To undertake fire fighting operations with available equipment and resources
  • Any other job as assigned by NMRC for the benefit or facilitation to commuters
  • The Contractor shall comply with minimum wages act as notified by the UP Government from time to time. Also it shall comply with EPF, ESI, Bonus, Gratuity and Labour License regularization as per statutory norms.
  • NMRC reserves the right to carry out these jobs in parts or full and also reserves the right to award work to one or more agencies to carry the work satisfactorily.
  • The number of personnel tentatively required at each level is given in Clause 2.6. The requirement is indicative only and may further increase or decrease at the time of hiring or during the period of contract depending on the exigency of work. NMRC will pay on the basis of actual deployment demanded by and provided to it.
  • The contractor may be asked to provide additional trained and uniformed personnel at 1 (one) day’s advance notice.
  • The scope of work under the contract may be reduced / curtailed based on NMRC’s requirements as deemed fit. No claim or compensation will be entertained on this account.
  • The Corporation reserves the right to terminate the services of the Contractor due to misconduct, non-compliance of terms and conditions and rules by the Contractor. The Contractor may also be blacklisted in case of serious breach of contract. Any theft or damage cost due to negligence of the shortlisted Contractor will be borne out of security money and only adjusted money will be returned after completion of services.

General Requirements:

  • The Ticket Vending Operators and Supervisors shall report to the Station Controller Room of the respective stations / Other Control / Reporting Office at least 15 minutes in advance of the commencement of the shift to complete required formalities.
  • The Ticket Vending Operators and Supervisors should be extremely courteous with very pleasant mannerism in dealing with the Commuters / General Public and they should project an image of utmost discipline.
  • The Ticket Vending Operators need to handle money both in terms of cash and cards.
  • At the beginning and end of their duty in each shift, they should ensure the record of the opening/ closing balances of cash, cards, QR code etc. in the NMRC’s system and check correctness of physical balances, being handed over / taken over. Any breach by the Ticket Vending Operators in this regard and loss, if any, shall be borne by the Contractor.
  • The Ticket Office Machine shall not be left unmanned at any point during revenue operation hours. No Staff shall leave the duty until properly relieved by a competent reliever.
  • The Ticket Vending Operators and Supervisors shall strictly follow the procedure as approved by NMRC for entering into the NMRC system and also accessing any part / portion of AFC System / Network. If any contractor staff is caught travelling without proper authority / valid ticket then they will be treated travelling without ticket & shall be penalized as per the provisions of Metro Rail (Operations & Maintenance) Act, 2002.
  • The Ticket Vending Operator and Supervisors shall not accept any gratitude or reward in any shape or form from anybody.
  • All concerned personnel shall intimate / report any untoward incidents occurring in the station premises to the concerned authority immediately.
  • After completing the shift duty, all the personnel shall be required to submit a duty report to the Station Controller/Controlling Office, if applicable, in the appropriate format as issued to them by NMRC.
  • Adequate supervision will be provided to ensure correct performance of the Ticket Vending Services in accordance with the prevailing assignment & instructions agreed upon between the two parties.
  • In order to exercise effective control & supervision over the staff of contractors deployed at stations the supervisory staff will monitor their areas of responsibility as per the due procedure issued by NMRC. Supervisors should be provided with mobile telephone by contractor for maintaining efficient & regular communication with NMRC representatives.


  • The Bidder’s competence and capability is proposed to be established by the following parameters. The Bidder should meet all the criteria given in this section.
  • Sole proprietorship, registered partnership firm, public limited company, private limited company or any of the above can submit the Bid. The firms and the companies should be registered in India.
  • The Bidder should have a minimum experience of having satisfactorily completed similar works during last 7 (seven) years period ending last day of month previous to the one in which the bids are invited should be either of the following:
    • One similar completed work costing not less than the amount equal to Rs.18.18 Crore (Rupees Eighteen Crore and Eighteen Lakh only) or
    • Two similar completed works each costing not less than the amount equal to Rs.1 1 . 3 6 Crore (Rupees Eleven Crore Thirty Six Lakh only) or
    • Three similar completed works each costing not less than the amount equal to Rs.09.09 Crore (Rupees Nine Crore and Nine Lakh only)

Similar Works:

  • Work involving provision of Trained, Uniformed and Computer literate manpower for ticketing services at Metro Rail/Railways/Road Transport systems, Cash/Ticket counter at multiplex/malls and other similar commercial places wherein such a manpower is deployed for issuance of Tickets on collection of applicable charges.
  • The value of work means only the amount paid to the contractor on account of the provision of said manpower and not the amount collected by the manpower.
  • The Bidder should have minimum Average Annual Turnover from similar work of Rs. 4.55 crore (Rupees Four Crore Fifty Five Lakh) only in the last 3 (three) Financial Years (2019-2020, 2020-21, 2021-22) preceding the Bid Due Date.
  • The Bidder should have a minimum Net Worth of Rs. 1.14 Crore (Rupees One Crore Fourteen Lakh only) in the last audited Financial Year.
  • The Bidder should have Positive Profit before Tax in at least 2 (two) years, out of the last 5 (Five) Financial Years (2017-18,2018-19,2019-2020, 2020-21,2021-22)
  • The Bidder should be registered with the Labour Department for supply of manpower.
  • The Bidder must have at least 300 personnel and it should be registered with appropriate authorities under Employees Provident Fund and Employees State Insurance Acts in India.
  • The Bidder must have either the Registered Office or the functional Branch Office located in Delhi NCR.
  • The Bidder should be registered with the Goods and Services Tax Authorities and bidder should also have GST registration of Uttar Pradesh
  • The Bidder should not have been blacklisted / banned / declared ineligible for corrupt and fraudulent practices by the Government of India/ any State Government/ Government Agency and Supreme court and contracts have been terminated/ foreclosed by any company/ department due to non-fulfillment of Contractual obligation in last 5(five) financial years.
  • The Bidder should have a working capital/liquidity of minimum of Rs.81.18 Lacs in the last audited financial year.


  • Tender Cost and Tender Security is exempted for Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) registered with District Industries Centre or Khadi & Village Industries Commission or Khadi & Village Industries Board or Coir Board or National Small Industries Corporation or Dte. of Handicraft & Handloom or any other bodies specified by Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises for appropriate category “Manpower services”, and have valid registration certificate as on date of tender submission. The MSEs would not be eligible for exemption of tender security if;
  • Either they are not registered for the “Manpower Services “category.
  • Or they do not have valid registration as on the date of tender submission.
  • The tenderers seeking exemption from ‘tender security’, being MSEs, shall ensure their eligibility w.r.t above and submit registration certificate issued by the body under which they are registered which clearly mentions category of registration i.e. “Manpower Services “and Terminal Validity of registration.
  • In absence of any of the above requirements no exemption for ‘tender security’ will be allowed and tenderers eligibility shall be dealt as if they are not registered with MSEs. No further clarification shall be sought on the above.
  • In case the bidder who has been exempted Tender Cost/Tender Security being Micro & Small Enterprise, and; Withdraws his Tender during the period of Tender validity; or
  • Becomes the successful bidder, but fails to commence the work(for whatever reasons) as per terms & conditions of Tender; or
  • Refuses or neglects to execute the contract; or
  • Fails to furnish the required Performance Security within the specified time,
  • The bidder shall be debarred from participating in future tenders for a period of 1 year from the date of discharge of tender / date of cancellation of NOA / annulment of award of contract as the case may be.
  • Thereafter, on expiry of the period of debarment, the bidder may be permitted to participate in the procurement process only on submission of required Tender Cost / Tender Security.
  • Further the Employer may advise the authority responsible for issuing the exemption certificate to take suitable actions against the bidder such as cancellation of enlistment certificate etc.

Tender documents can be downloaded from e-tendering website

Source: NMRC- Tender | Image Credit (representational): NMRC