Northeast Frontier Railway completes many infrastructure development works during lockdown period

Indian Railways has executed many long pending maintenance works during this lockdown period when normal passenger services were suspended due to COVID -19 pandemic situations. 

Indian Railways focused on several long pending overdue maintenance works requiring Traffic block of long durations. These works were pending for many reasons and were confronting Railways with severe bottlenecks. Indian Railways planned these works during lockdown period considering it “Once in a lifetime opportunity” to wipe out these maintenance arrears and take up the execution of work without affecting the train service.

  • In Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) area a Road over Bridge (ROB) was made operational in lieu of Level crossing (LC) gate no AB-20 in the Alipurduar Junction – Bamanhat section under Alipurduar Division on 31st May 2020.

  • The LC gate was a busy one and considered as a potential safety hazard.
  • As soon as the ROB was commissioned, the LC gate was closed thus eliminating the potential safety hazard.
  • Detention time for road users as a result of closure of the LC gate will also be saved.
  • The entire work was completed by observing social distancing.
  • 5 nos. Reinforced Concrete Cement Box Culverts were constructed and placed in the Jamunamukh – Jugijan section under Lumding division.
    • The work was completed on 17th May 2020.
    • As the area is flood prone, these additional 5 nos. openings will help in additional discharge of water.
    • Hence flooding of adjoining areas and the risk in breach of railway track during rainy season will be substantially reduced.

  • Moreover, operational efficiency of the Manderdisa Junction station under Lumding division was improved by undertaking non-interlocked working which was completed on 06.06.2020.
    • During the work the entire station yard was properly sanitized and social distancing was maintained.
  • Moreover, testing of signalling cables were also done at 49 stations during lockdown to improve reliability.

Also, NFR replaced 50.78 kms of rail on track, 17.50 kms sleepers and 32.30 kms track fittings to eliminate risk of accidents due to track component failure. Tamping/ packing of 1957.45 kms of track and Ultra Sound Fault Detection testing of 3141.45 kms track was done to improve reliability. 34475 CUM of ballast were also unloaded at different locations for improved running in railway track.

These works were done in addition to normal day to day maintenance works in this period.

Source: NFR-Press Release