Northeast Frontier Railway exceeds track renewal targets in FY 2023-24

The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) has notably exceeded its track renewal targets for FY 2023-24, achieving significant milestones in infrastructure upgrades and maintenance. These accomplishments encompass extensive Through Rail Renewal, Through Sleeper Renewal, and Complete Track Renewal works. The achievement also includes remarkable progress in Ballasting works, surpassing the previous year’s record. Additionally, the installation of Thick Web Switches saw a substantial increase compared to the previous year.

More Details:

In a bid to maintain railway tracks in proper condition and provide safe transportation and comfortable journeys to rail passengers and stakeholders, several track renewal works were undertaken by NFR during the fiscal year of 2023-24, as a part of the o­ngoing Safety Action Plan and Works. These track renewal works have surpassed the set annual targets during the last fiscal year, projecting the remarkable works done by the zone.

The Work Details in Brief:

  • During the financial year 2023-24, as a part of the o­ngoing safety action plan, 257.98 TKM of Through Rail Renewal, 210.71 TKM of Through Sleeper Renewal & 264.16 CTR units of Complete Track Renewal works have been completed.

  • NFR has also achieved 7.27 lakh cubic metres of progress in Ballasting works against a target of 5 lakh cubic metres which is marked as the highest ever progress surpassing last year’s progress of 6.34 lakh cubic metres.
  • In addition, 134 nos. of Thick Web Switches have been installed as compared to 35 nos. during the progress of 2022-23.
  • As a part of the Road Safety Works, for ease of movement of both road and rail users, 19 nos. of manned level crossings have been eliminated as well as 20 nos. of Road Over Bridges (ROB) and 48 nos of Road Under Bridges (RUB) were commissioned during the fiscal year of 2023-24 within NFR.

Enhanced Sectional Speed:

  • Moreover, up to March 2024, maximum speed limits of 118.20 Km loop lines were raised to 30 Kmph and sectional speed of 803.5 Km was raised to 110 Kmph. The sectional speed marked a progress by 42%.

  • Also, 9 nos of additional waterways have been constructed to mitigate the problem of flooding during monsoon season. Modern monitoring techniques like structural health monitoring, 3D scanning of river bed, underwater inspection by RORV (Remote Operated Robotic Vehicle), Scour monitoring & water level monitoring are also introduced for monitoring railway bridges.

Maintenance of Tracks for better Movement of Trains:

  • Maintenance of tracks at regular intervals have resulted in smooth operations of trains and providing better riding experience for passengers.
  • The increased emphasis given o­n safety measures for railway track by the Engineering Department of NFR has led to safer running of trains with increased speed and better riding experience.

Source: Northeast Frontier Railway – Press Release | Images Credit (representational): Northeast Frontier Railway