Northeast Frontier Railway upgrades passenger convenience with record new lifts and escalators

The Northeast Frontier Railway has successfully installed and commissioned 45 lifts and 35 escalators at its stations as of March 2024. This initiative aims to significantly enhance passenger amenities and improve overall convenience for travelers.

More Details

In order to further improve the existing passenger amenities and make railway stations more passenger friendly, the N.F. Railways have installed several lifts and escalators at stations within its jurisdiction having considerable footfalls. In fact, NFR has decided to uplift the available infrastructure of a few selected railway stations to higher level standards. Such transformation aims towards easy movement of passengers, especially elderly, differently abled & ailing o­nes, from o­ne platform to another.

NFR Prioritize Commuters Convenience:

  • New lifts and escalators will play an important role in addition to provisioning and up gradation of many other passenger amenities.
  • Presently, there are 45 lifts and 35 escalators operating in major stations under the five divisions of N.F. Railway.
  • During the previous financial year of 2023-24, four lifts were commissioned with 02 lifts at Barsoi & the other 02 lifts at Jalpaiguri Road railway stations.
  • Total of four escalators were also commissioned at Agartala & Kamakhya railway stations with two escalators each at either station.

Future Implementation:

  • Similarly, works of additionally sanctioned 26 Escalators at 13 stations under ‘Amrit Bharat Station Scheme’ are also at different stages of installation.
  • In view of the ever-increasing passenger volumes, N. F. Railway emphasizes the construction of more lifts, escalators at major stations for safe and convenient entry and exit of passengers, as well as for ease of cross-navigation within the railway facilities.
  • These additional facilities will provide easier access to passengers, help in providing them a pleasant experience of train journeys and make the railway services more user friendly.


By prioritizing the needs of the elderly, differently-abled, and ailing passengers, NFR is setting a new standard in railway infrastructure, ensuring that all travelers can navigate stations with ease and dignity. This initiative is a significant step towards modernizing the railway network and improving the overall travel experience for millions of passengers.

Source: NFR – Press Release | Images Credit (representational): Northeast Frontier Railway