Over Rs 6000 crore to be spent in FY 2021-22 to upgrade rail infrastructure over Prayagraj, Jhansi and Agra divisions

Total receipt of North Central Railway for current FY 2020-21 as per revised estimate is Its 10002.80 Crore and Budget estimate for earning for 2021-22 has been kept at Its 14896.43 Crore. Of this estimated earning Its 5747.18 Crore from passengers, Rs 229.35 Crore from other coaching, Rs 8623.80 Crore from goods and Its 288.49 Crore is targeted from sundry earning.

  • As per revised estimate total expenditure of NCR in 2020-21 is Rs 8243.30 Crore and estimated expenditure for 2021-22 is Its 8921.80 Crores. 
  • As per revised estimate operating ratio of NCR in 2020-21 is 82.9% as against 96.96 of Indian Railways.
  • For 2021-22 railway board has set a target of 79.2% operating ratio of NCR as against 96.15 for overall IR. 

Following very important sanctioned works have been given adequate budgetary allocation, works will be taken up/speeded up in 2021-22: 

Name of the sanctioned work Sanctioned cost in Cr of Rs. Outlay for 2021-22 in Cr. of Rs 
160 Kmph speed raising on New Delhi-Howrah section including Kanpur-Lucknow 62771341 
Praygraj-Barnrauli(10ICm) 4th line with flyover at Subedarganj49422.40
Rooma-Chakeri-Chandari – 3rd line (12.5 km)  17885 
Bhaupur-Panki(11Icm) 4th line 18030 
Chipiyana Buzurg-Dadri – 4th line (12 km) 13090
Aligarh-Daud Khan – 3rd line (6.9 km) & construction of flyover at Daud Khan 44810 
Jhansi – Khairar – Manickpur & Khairar – Bhimsen (411 km) 3000 50 
Jhansi-Bhimsen (206 Km) doubling1140 300 
Jhansi-Bina (152.57 Km) 3rd line1212210
Lalitpur – Birari with flyover at Lalitpur (15.80 km)26095
Bhandai – Flyover for Etawah bound down trains (10 km) 18720 
Mathura – Palwal (80 Km) 4th Line 526144
Mathura – Jhansi(273.8 Km) 3rd line2508600
Yamuna Bridge – Agra Fort – Double line with major bridge at Yamuna river(2.11 km) 10810
  • Infrastructure creation has been thrust area for Indian Railways. NCR which carries about 10% of total traffic of Indian Railway with just 05% of its asset has also taken steps for substantial improvement/addition of infrastructure to safety, mobility and passenger amenities. This is reflected in Pink book 2021-22 for NCR where adequate funds are allocated in ongoing works and many new important works are sanctioned as per following details: 

Plan Out lay for 2021-22 for ongoing as well as new works: 

Important Plan headsDescriptionPlan Outlay in Cr of RsEstimated Investment through EBR In Cr
11 New Lines 1
14 Gauge Conversion26
15 Doubling678 1202
16 Traffic facilities 251341
17Computerization  3.5 
21 Rolling Stock 18 
29Road Safety works – Level Crossing 24.40
30 ROB/RUB 525109 
31 Track Renewals 600
32 Bridge Works 15 
33 Signaling 305
36 Traction Distribution and other electrical works100 
41 Machinery & Plant 32.8
42 Workshop and production units 58
51Staff Welfare 31
53 Passenger amenity 176316
65Trainingal RD 
Net Plan Outlay for 2021-22 in Cr 3235 (25 % increase over 2020-21) 
Total Estimated Investment Through EBR in Cr2968 

 Important New Works sanctioned for North Central Railway 2021-22: 

Plan HeadName of the WorkSanctioned cost in Cr Outlay for 2021-22 in Cr.
30 North Central Railway – Construction of road over / under bridges on golden quadrilateral / diagonal routes (Umbrella Work 2021-22) 475 
North Central Railway – Construction of road over bridges on golden quadrilateral / diagonal routes (Umbrella Work 2021-22) 4902
31Works related to safety of track- Track renewals etc.850116
32North Central Railway – Repl of girders / slabs, rehabilitation / strengthening of sub-structure & superstructure, rebuilding of bridges, bridge protection works, instrumentation & monitoring of bridges and addl waterway (Umbrella Work 2021-22) 40 1
33North Central Railway – Provision of automatic block signalling, centralized traffic control and train collision avoidance system on balance sections of high-density network routes (Umbrella Work 2021- 22)2101
Implementation of unified communication infrastructure comprising of LAN infra, exchange, VOIP based control communication and IPMPLS based network over Indian Railways (Umbrella Work 2021-22)11.5
41 Jhansi Depot – CNC underfloor wheel lathe (13G) with winch plus shed 8.25 
21 Rolling Stock Program 5.5

Source: North Central Railway-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): North Central Railway