Patna Metro to enhance more safety with Platform Screen Doors at metro stations

In a significant stride towards passenger safety, the Patna Metro Rail Project is set to implement Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) across its train stations. This strategic initiative is not only designed to be cost-effective but also aims to greatly improve safety measures.

More Details:

The Patna Metro Rail Project is all set to adopt the proposed Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) in trains. The PSD system will not only be cost effective but will also ensure a more enhanced safety system at the metro stations. The Elevated stations of the metro will have half height PSDs while the underground metro stations will have full height PSDs.

What is Platform Screen Doors (PSDs):

Platform Screen Doors (PSDs are being used to isolate the platforms from the track. PSDs open only when the train stops at the correct position. PSDs are synchronously controlled throughout the length of the platform. PSDs which are on the platform operate in synchronisation with the Train doors.

Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) in trains will help to prevent accidents, objects falling on track, and trespassing. These screen doors have safety devices installed at metro platforms that act as physical barriers to prevent people from falling onto the tracks. They not only help to improve the safety of the metro system and reduce the risk of accidents but also help in crowd management during the peak hours at the metro stations. 

Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) in Trains Comes with Several Advantages Like:

  • The width of the Platform will also be increased which will allow the passengers to stand till the PSD gate without any risk of falling over the track and getting hit by approaching trains.  
  • The entry speed of the train at the Platforms can be increased with the PSD system which will improve the headway.

  • These doors will be cost effective and also improve the air-conditioning flow at underground stations. PSDs installed at every MRTS station will help in saving significant energy consumption and ensure enhanced safety of commuters.
  • The PSD system works in synchronised mode with the rolling stock (metro train) doors and ensures the safety of the passenger due to inherited features such as obstacle detection while boarding or de-boarding the train.
  • It provides a half height (1.5m from finished floor level) and Full height (2.15m from finished floor level) barrier between the track and platform thus isolates the track from the passenger’s area on the platform.
  • Normally, for Underground stations and elevated stations, the full height (2.15 m) and the half Height (1.5 m) PSD system is recommended respectively. As PSD is an essential pre-requirement for any Metro system to be upgraded to Unattended Train Operation (UTO).

The PSD system comes with several enhanced safety feature like Automatic Sliding Doors (ASD), Emergency Exit Doors (EED), Platform End Doors (PED), Emergency Escape Doors (EED), Platform Supervisory Booth and Alarm Terminal, HMI (Information Device for Driver), Emergency Key Box etc. which helps to ensure safety of passengers.

Source: Patna Metro – Press Release  | Images Credit: Patna Metro

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