Patna Metro Update: Senior officers of DMRC inspect Corridor I and II of Patna Metro

Senior officers of DMRC conducted a joint inspection late evening on the new bypass of Patna Metro Rail Project in Corridor I and II. After inspection, in the light of instructions, pier casts from PN-86 to P-79 have been removed and restored after cleaning the drain area. 

More Details:

  • Apart from this, the rest of the places where the construction of pier casting is going on, those places have also been directed to be restored within a given time frame.
  • In the joint inspection, Project Director Mr. Ajay Kumar inspected the ongoing construction work of Metro near Khemnichak, Bhootnath Road and Zero Mile drain.

  • During the inspection, he took stock of the construction work going on near the drain and instructed the officials and the contractor to clean it immediately wherever there was a possibility of possible water logging due to debris falling.
  • He took stock of the construction of Metro in Priority Corridor-II, especially adjacent to the drain area and ordered proper laying of pipes in the drain, cleaning of the drain with pumps after completion of the work, removal of debris falling in the drain area, etc.

  • He has instructed us to complete all these works by the end of April. There are still three locations where pier work is still on and he instructed them to complete them by 15th May and to ensure cleaning of drain and width following the work.
  • Project Director-III Shri S. N. Sahu inspected the ongoing metro construction work from Mithapur flyover to Jaganpura in Corridor-I. To deal with the water logging in the drain, he directed to keep 10 H.P. Pump and 100 mm diameter hose pipe ready for the need for emergency dewatering in place of pile caps and directed to ensure that all pipe inlets are cleared of debris.

  • He directed to remove all the affected box drains at Ramakrishna Nagar station and keep them on the side of the barricades for piling work. Along with this, he was also instructed to clean and restore all the drains within the stipulated time period.
  • It is worth noting that the work of construction of metro pier, pier cap and station is going on fast in Corridor I from Mithapur to Jaganpura and in Corridor II from Khemnichak, Bhootnath Road to Zero Mile. The construction work is being done in the area adjacent to the drain.

  • Construction work is being done by erecting big machines and cranes etc. and construction workers standing etc. in the middle of the drain, which is very tough. Metro workers are working day and night to ensure that people don’t face any kind of problem as well as to complete the work within the stipulated time period.

Source: Patna Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Patna Metro