Patna Metro update: Tender invited to modify and raise height of existing 132kV D/C Transmission Line of BSPTCL of Corridor-2

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC) has invited open e-tender for the work Contract Package PEUD-03R “Design, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning for Modification and raising the height of the existing 132 kV Double Circuit Transmission line of BSPTCL of Corridor-2 of Patna Metro.”

  • Contract Package: PEUD-03R
  • Approximate cost of work: INR 18.01 Crore
  • Completion period of the Work: 12 Months
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 18-Mar-2021
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 04-Mar-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 06-Apr-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 31-Mar-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 06-Apr-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 07-Apr-2021

Technical Specifications:

The contractor shall have to modify and raise the height of existing 132kV D/C and M/C Transmission Line of BSPTCL, crossing the proposed Metro Corridor from Zero Mile to New ISBT section of Corridor-2 using Steel Monopole Structures.

  • The details of the existing 132kV D/C and M/C Transmission Line are as follows:
    • Crossing over track end at siding Line near New ISBT.
    • Conductor Infringing New ISBT Station.
    • 132 kV Transmission tower at SH-1 road intersecting NH-30. From Zero Mile to New ISBT section.
  • The height of the 132 kV D/C and M/C Transmission Line is to be raised in consultation with Engineer-In charge in order to obtain required electrical clearances from the proposed Metro Corridor as per CEA Regulations 2010. The bidder should make his assessment after properly visiting the site and quote accordingly.
  • The necessary drawings showing route plan & profile etc. are provided in another volume of this document. However, the Engineer-In-charge reserves the right to change/ modify the plan in case of any difficulty or obstruction and no claim from the contractor shall be entertained on account of any such change.

General Scope of Work:

  • Detailed survey including route alignment, profiling, tower spotting, optimization of tower locations, soil resistivity measurement & geotechnical investigation including special foundation viz pile/pier foundation as per site requirements.
  • Check survey.
  • Designing of 132 kV D/C and M/C Steel Monopole Structures as per approved profile & as per directions of Engineer-In-charge and conforming to latest applicable Indian/International Standard and submission of its design duly approved by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).
  • Fabrication, Routine Testing and Supplying the Monopole Structures along with all associated accessories such as cross-arms, Anchor Bolts, Anchor Plate, Template, Nuts & Bolts, ladder etc. as per approved design.
  • Non-Destructive Type Testing shall be carried out on at least one monopole structure at CPRI or ERDA/NABL accredited lab. 
  • Supply of all types of monopole structure accessories like phase plate, circuit plate, number plate, danger plate, anti-climbing arrangement etc.
  • Supply of Conductor, Composite polymeric insulators, Hardware Fittings and required Conductor Accessories as per given specifications.
  • Earth wire, OPGW and associated hardware fittings & accessories.
  • Designing of Foundation of Monopole Structure considering all possible mechanical loadings on the Monopole Structure under extreme conditions as per directions of Engineer-In-charge and obtaining the approval of the Foundation Design from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and submission of the same to DMRC.
  • Supply & Installation of monopole structure Earthing.
  • Erection of monopole structures, fixing of insulators with all hardware fittings, stringing of conductors, monopole earthing and OPGW along with all necessary accessories.
  • The contractor has to arrange the Emergency Restoration System (ERS) during the execution of the works as per the requirement to minimize the disruption of power supply. 
  • Dismantling of existing conductor and earth wire/OPGW including dismantling of towers, insulators, hardware fittings & accessories from the existing 132 kV line and providing credit of dismantle material to DMRC.
  • Testing and commissioning of the portion of the transmission line modified using Monopole Structures and handing over the same to BSPTCL including preparation of As-built profile & route plan and other requisite drawings in 6 sets including soft copies in Auto CAD.
  • Defect liability after completion of work for a period as specified in Special Conditions of the contract.
  • Providing insurance coverage to the work, plants & equipment, workmen and third party etc.
  • Liaising with various agencies viz. BSPTCL, PMC, BSNL, NHAI, RCD, SBPDCL, Gas Utility Companies, Irrigation & Flood Control, Traffic Dept., EIG, other contractors of DMRC etc. shall be done by the contractor. However, any security amount / fee demanded by these agencies shall be borne by DMRC but the penalty arising out of violation of statutory requirement / rule by the contractor shall have to be paid by the contractor only.
  • Other items not specifically mentioned in this Specification but are required for the successful commissioning of the monopole transmission line, unless specifically excluded in the Specification.
  • The contractor shall be fully responsible for barricading of the trenches, putting of sign boards with florescent paint / tape, traffic cones, caution tapes etc. as per directions of the Engineer. Further, the contractor is required to take precautions as per traffic rules, pay penalty for violating the rules if imposed by any department/authority, the police authority for safety of the public work. The detailed guidelines are specified in SHE Document of this tender.
  • The contractor shall also make necessary arrangement like diesel generator sets, site illumination etc. as required for the work. Necessary permission etc., if required shall be obtained by the contractor from the concerned authorities. 
  • In case of damage to any property (public or private) by the contractor, the same shall be got repaired by the contractor at his own cost and DMRC shall be fully indemnified against any such damage.
  • The road/footpath maintenance and inter utility code of conduct / guidelines shall be strictly followed by the contractor and ensuring minimum inconvenience to the road/footpath users.
  • The contractor shall obtain necessary permission from BSPTCL regarding shutdown/power blocks as required for the job. The contractor shall submit the method statement for requirement of shutdown for approval of DMRC. DMRC shall extend all necessary help in the matter but responsibility of obtaining permission shall rest with the contractor only. Unnecessary delay on part of the contractor in this regard shall invite penal action against the contractor.
  • Obtaining the clearance of Electrical Inspector to Govt. and other clearances as required and submission of the same to the office of Engineer In-charge.

The tender documents describing the Scope of Work and Terms and Conditions for the Contract are available on the website

Source: DMRC-Tender

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