Product Expertise: Connections and Hose solutions for Railways

Our products find various applications in rail transportation ranging from brake systems, step controls, pantographs, auxiliary systems among many others.

Legris India is a joint venture with Parker Hannifin Corporation USA. The company has a rich history of servicing the global and Indian railways sector in each of its three core areas :

1. Low pressure connections : Ball Valves, Pneumatic fittings, Thermoplastic (PU/PA) tubing
2. Hoses and High-pressure fittings : Parker rail hoses, Parker Ermeto Tube fittings, Couplers
3. Transair : Energy efficient compressed air and gas piping system

Low Pressure

Most of the Parker-Legris range has been tried and tested for the railways market with components having been tested for durability and safety. We hold railways regulations such as EN 45545-2 for fire protection, DIN 5510 for fire protective measures and certifications, NF F16-101 for classification of materials for rolling stock.

Parker Rail Hoses

Parker is a certified and well-experienced global hose partner for leading players in the rail industry. Parker as the marketleader in the hose business has developed a wide range of hoses from low to high pressure for all relevant rail applications with high speed trains, city trains, industrial transportation vehicles etc. to meet the extensive requirements of the new European standard EN 45545-2. Parker’s proven rail hoses focus on the safety of people and property in the following applications :

Hydraulics : Hydraulic Brake System, Hydrostatics, Other hydraulic applications
Pneumatics : Pneumatic brake system, Suspension, Auxiliary systems
Cooling system : Water cooiling system, Air conditioning
Fluid Conveyance : Diesel fuel (engines), Water (sanitary facilities)
Heating : Water

Parker EO-2 Tube Fittings for Rail Applications

The EO-2 fitting has an extremely reliable track record for application in the railways. The soft –sealing fitting does not need to be re tightened even after years of continual usage, and the seal is designed for long term cost savings. All EO-2 fittings met DIN 2353, ISO 8434 and are certified in accordance with EN 45545-2 and EN 61363. EO-2 fittings cover a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic applications thereby increasing design possibilities and reducing costs and assembly work.

“Our experienced team of technocrats would be happy to assist you in selecting the right product for the right rail applications.”

Energy Efficient Aluminum Piping System –Transair for Air and Gas Networks

Transair has been trusted as the air and gas-piping partner for leading industries in the world including the Indian rail industry. With over 5000 installations in India, Transair has a rich experience in being your one stop solution provider for compressed air generation and distribution.

Our scope over the years has increased to include cryogenic gas banks and piping for gases such as Nitrogen, Argon and Oxygen with such projects having been successfully commissioned for the rail industry.

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