Product Expertise: Experts of tunnel waterproofing

In less than a year, AMPL came up with an extraordinary product MIRAI WPM which is leading the market with its unmatched quality, sustained competitive pricing and undoubtedly a completely Made in India product – Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Director.

NATM, The New Austrian Tunnelling method finds its application widely in Indian terrains where most of the Northern and North Eastern mountains have softer rocks further the mainstream rivers making the valleys highly dangerous for heavy infra constructions. NATM suggests techniques to strengthen tunnels where water seepage and soft rocks could possibly weaken the structure. The technique is majorly ‘Tunnel Waterproofing using a protective felt which is a non woven fabric and a high tensile strength PVC Membrane. The duo when lined along the tunnel periphery creates a waterproof layer thereby proving an excellent strength to the concrete lining beneath.

We are working on a PVC Waterproofing membrane that could provide a certified life of more than 100 functional years at temperatures less than -35 degree Celsius while constantly subjected to water pressures, gases, sheer loads etc.

Besides the waterproofing products, AMPL has its own application team consisting of workers who have wide experience of working in tunnels across India. We are constantly improving and experimenting procedures by which the waterproofing work would be less time consuming, economical and highly efficient. Our material and services have been provided in USBRL – Udhampur Srinagar Baramulla Rail Link , Zoji-La tunnel , RVNL’s Rishikesh Karanaprayag

Tunnel, Besides having our own brand and services, many International brands like Technonicol (Russia) are getting their product manufactured through us under Make in India scheme. The product has been tested in worldwide labs proving it acceptace and quality benchmarks.

AMPL is part of Marvel Vinyls Group who are pioneers in PVC products in India such as Artificial leather, Vinyl floor coverings. With more than 50 years of experience in automotive, electrical, civil industry, the group holds major share of business in its product categories besides being the largest exporter of Artificial leather for consecutively 4 years in a row.

We are also working closely with specification engineers of BIS and other global standardizing organisations to being in new specification sin order to have a more promising product for challenging environments. AARYAN MIRAI is thus playing a significant role in the construction of engineering marvels that are of National Importance.

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