Product Expertise: Flame Retardant Resin Systems For The Railways

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Crest is offering a wide range of resin systems for mass transport applications. We have specifically developed Non halogenated Fire Retardant resins and Gelcoats as per the International and Indian Railways standards.

Weight is a predominant concern given the high cost of fuel. Using composites to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics has long been demonstrated to bring down the fuel consumption significantly. But the fire and toxic smoke in public environment is a critical concern.

One way to address this concern is stringent fire-retardant norms and performance standards. Critical application like this requires world class solutions.

” India’s Premier Composite Resin Manufacturer “

CREST SPECIALITY RESINS PRIVATE LIMITED, world’s premier resin manufacturer, is offering a wide range of filled unsaturated polyester resin systems for mass transport application.

Different resin systems like acrylate, phenolic are also available. These are nonhalogenated fire-retardant resins. Laminates made with these resins have met international railways standards like EN 45545-2 HL2, HL3 as well as Indian Railways standards.

CREST SPECIALITY RESINS PRIVATE LIMITED, has in- house Fire retardant lab and all resin systems have gone through stringent fire, smoke, and toxicity tests.

Along with Fire retardant resin, Crest offers various FR and Non-FR pigmented Gelcoats for Mass transportation.

Moreover, specially equipped lab helps to develop different RAL shades with outstanding colour retention.

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