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Lalbaba Group founded in 1964 as a modest small order manufacturing unit. is now able to extend its engineering production solutions particularly for seamless tubes, brake components and couplers in countries such as USA, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The Lalbaba forging unit has also succeeded in such coupler parts to China and Tanzania. The company is now a one-stop solution for wagon fleet repair and upgrade and proudly claims the status of Wagon Doctor.

Widening Reach – Export & Expansion

The seamless tubes manufacturing fad ity was set up in 2009 and has a capacity of 36000 ton per annum in carbon, alloy, a. stainless-steel pipes. The success of this unit basted to an expansion plan to 72000 per year (currently on-going). The product range o from 8 to 214mm. Various pipe fittings and related items are also offered.

The company sources around 40. revenue from railway components a. the balance from seamless tubes and project deliveries. The La!baba forging unit has also succeeded in exporting coupler parts to African Railways and to China. Our company has won major contracts for supply of Wagon. Coaching. Loco spares to Ghana and Tanzania.

Value addition and innovations

One of the significant reasons for the growth of the company has been its approach to bring out technically superior products for its customers, like IR. The company has developed its solutions for forged hinges and pans for the bottom discharge wagons; this is an area where IR has faced constant operations and maintenance problems on the door opening mechanism of these wagons.

A major thrust has been on added value for standard products many of which are normally cast components. Of particular interest are the substitution of parts for the IR standard W1713070 centre couplers, like connector and  lock, that have been successf ully developed. The forgings have a lower cost and will have longer service reliability.

Wagon Industry

Wagon industry suffers regularly duet° un-predictahility of the Wagon orders coupled with the curtailment of free supply items like draft gear, couplers, bearings, steel, and axles by IR. These changes have made wagon production costlier. This has made it highly indispensable for railway wagon component manufacturers like us to deliver quality components, meeting all the desired IR safety standards at a cost competitive price to the wagon manufacturing industry, o of our main business segments. However, considerne ing the evolving business cenario. Lalbaba is gearing up to meet the customer requirements. backed by the long-drawn expertise in components manuf acturing, while simultaneously looking to tap newer business opportunities in the IR rolling stocks sector. With the in-house steady supply of components, Lalbaba groups other vertical, the Lalbaba Project, is now delivering retro fitment contracts on coaches and wagon, The group has been awarded contracts for supply and commissioning of the twin pipe system on more than 1,00,000 IR wagons, out of which 81.000 have alreadybeendelivered. We have a dedicated team M the plant as well as the field for closely monitoring the supply chain as well as execution at site.



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