Product Expertise: Forgings for the Rolling Stock

About Hilton Metal Forging Limited:

  • Manufacturer and Exporter of Forged Products in India with the size range from 0.5 Kg to 750 Kg per piece in closed die forging.
  • Maintaining world class machining standards for various forged components, the Company has installed numerous CNC machines capable of machining components ranging in measurement from 1,000 mm (DM) to 2400 mm (L).
  • In-house Gas based Heat Treatment plant and Testing Facilities.
  • Forged components customisation as per customers specifications. It has 16 Ton Russian Pneumatic Hammer and 2,000 ton Forging Press with an installed capacity of 25,000 tons per annum. Along with small capacity indigenous hammers.
  • It has a fully equipped Die-Shop which comprises a 4-axis Vertical Machining Centre along with Horizontal Machining Centre.
  • Hilton is accredited as per International Standards and various approvals. Hilton is also under process of getting IRIS Certification for rolling stock.
  • Hilton is the first indigenous SME Company who have successfully developed and been approved for production and supply of Railway Wheels to Indian Railway.
  • Hilton is also intend to develop Wheel set assembly set thereby ranking us among top Companies.
  • With the development of wheel set, Would definitely create business opportunities for Export to world wide.
  • Hilton can deliver Quality products with very short deliveries.

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