Product Expertise: Largest Manufacturer of Springs for Railways

Quality, reliability and safety are of paramount importance in the railway industry as well as in any organisation that is involved in the design, specification and manufacturing of components for the rail transport system. Frontier Springs Limited meets the requisite demand professionally having decades of experience in the field.

Established in 1981, Frontier Springs Limited started with the production of leaf Springs and laminated bearing Springs for automobile and railways. Steadily as the railway modernised, so did we and within few years had expanded our plant to accommodate the high demand for Coil Springs for wagon, railways and locomotives.

Frontier Springs Limited comprises three different units all working in synergy to fulfill the demands of clients and also developing new products periodically. We have two units in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. One is dedicated in the production of Coil Springs while the other is our Forging Division. Our third plant is in Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh; which manufacturers Coil Springs.

We adopt updated technology throughout over processes of manufacturing which is why Frontier Springs Limited is always moving forward and has systemically grown over the years. Our fully equipped laboratory is one such example of our willingness to adopt all the latest techniques that science has to offer in our Industry.

We are one of the largest manufacturer of springs for Linke-Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches which were being imported in the past by Indian Railways. The Indian Government has decided to increase the production of LHB coaches from 3000 no.’s/years to 6000 no.’s/years. The company is also in touch with multinational Air Springs manufacturer for collaboration/ technical know-how for manufacturing of the Air Springs for Indian Railways. We have also been approved by CLW/DLW/DMW for manufacturing of WAP-7 and WAP9 locomotives and their production has also been increased from 400 Loco’s to 1000 Loco’s per year. The products developed by the Forging Unit namely Anti Roll Bar, Anti Roll Bar Bracket and Roll Link are used in the manufacturing of LHB coaches, consequently the demand for these products has increased in the recent past and is expected to grow rapidly in the years to come.

The main aim of Frontier Springs Limited is to manufacture the products of best quality and international standards at low cost. To achieve this various processes are under taken at each and every stage of manufacturing which involves different kinds of testing techniques where our state of the art laboratory in put to use.

Our dedication towards the clients and ultimately the end user is unparalleled. Our aim is to provide the product swiftly but efficiently and safely to all our clients. In the future we are planning on further expansion and development of more forging components for Railways, Heavy Engineering Industries, Defence etc.

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