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Embarking on an impactful journey 30 years ago, it was the vision and hard-work of our founder Shri P.D. Goel which led us to great heights in this modern fast-paced industry of cables and wires. Laser Power & Infra Pvt. Ltd. has continued to maintain a reliable and strong connection throughout the nation and relevant industries till date. While driven by a passionate spirit to evolve, Laser Power & Infra [LPIPL] has grown into an empire with a global presence by mastering the art of execution in transmission and distribution EPC Contracts. We cater to our customers with wold-class, energy – efficient solutions for industrial, commercial and domestic use.

This along with the State-Of-The-Art manufacturing facilities of LT & HT cables and conductors, which helped [LPIPL] to be one of the “Key Industry Player” in the power sector. Now, under the leadership of Shri Deepak Goel, [LPIPL] is riding a new growth wave by striving to achieve excellence and cater to the huge infrastructure boom which India is going to see in the next 25 years as we concentrate on making a difference in the lives of our consumers with products that delight them.


Our dedicated project team has accomplished the feat of electrifying 11,073 unelectrified villages speared across difficult terrains of West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Assam and Jharkhand through the state funded Rural Electrification programs, viz., RGGVY, DDUGJY, IPDS, HVDS, MVSNY, BRGF (Phase – II), Re-conductoring, etc.

The electrification of households could be achieved through building a robust and distributed network of 19,947 ckm. HT (33kV & 11kV) overhead lines, 20,074 nos. Distribution Transformers and 39,544 km. LT overhead lines, including installation and connecting with 15,21,590 nos. household Energy Meters. In the process, we have also undertaken laying of 108 ckm. UG (buried/ underground) 33kV & 11kV.

In order to compensate for the huge quantum of additional households connections to the existing distribution network, our project team has been instrumental in augmenting the existing capacity of the power network through construction of 59 nos. new 33/11kV Sub-stations in addition to capacity augmentation in 99 nos. existing 33/11kV Sub-stations.

We have also done our bit in reducing the carbon emissions through constructing Rooftop Solar PV projects in West Bengal and Odisha of 2279 kWp combined capacity.


Rolling Stock: We – Laser Power & Infra Pvt. Ltd. [LPIPL] take immense pride of being one of the largest Signalling Cable suppliers to the Indian Railways and our cables contribute significantly to the safety of passengers and cargo. Laser Railway Signalling Cables manufactured with stringent RDSO specifications which plays a pivotal role in smooth running and connectivity of the railway network,
ensuring transmission of signals and continuous power supply to the railway signalling system.

New Technologies: Technology and innovation are embedded in our DNA and have played a key role—as an enabler—in our growth as one of India’s leading Cable and Conductor Manufacturing companies. Our products touch lives across geographies and generations. With an objective to create long-term value for our key clientele, we have been leveraging technology to develop world-class products, processes and personnel. Today, our customers, partners and people trust that they are an integral part of our progress. We also enable our dealers, vendors and communities to improve their lives by offering solutions
that empower them.

We enjoy a commanding market presence, which is a result of our sustained efforts. Since inception, we have transcended conventional business norms to consciously integrate the concept of responsible growth. Technology and innovation have played a crucial role in our journey and will continue to touch lives of our customer’s satisfaction, making it better, as we grow.

Our Approach:

We at Laser Power & Infra [LPIPL], have this Manufacturing and Quality Control that all equipments are PLC controlled,

(As of January 2022)
S.NO Description Unit Total Qty Qty Already Executed Qty Under Execution
1 Villages Electrified Nos 11,073.00 10,799.00 274.00
2 No of APL & BPL Household Connections Nos 8,80,816.00 8,69,009.00 11,807.00
3 Ereetion & Commissioning of 33KV HT OH Line CKm 1,217.44 580.44 637.00
4 Ereetion & Commissioning of 11KV HT OH Line CKm 18,729,92 16,090.00 2,638.93
5 Ereetion & Commissioning of LT OH Line CKm 39,544,25 35,696.31 3,847.93
6 Laying of 33KV & 11KV U/G HT Power Cables CKm 108.60 103.83 4.77
7 Installation & Commissioning of New 33/ 11KV PSS Including all associated works Nos 59.00 19.00 40.00
8 Augmentation / Renovation of 33/11KV Substations Nos 99.00 99.00
9 Commissioning of 11KV Distribution Transformers Nos 20,074,00 17,195.00 2,879.00
10 Installation of SPV Modules for a total capacity KWp 2,279.00 2,279.00

Recipe Based and with a SCADA system, from which we collect and analyse real time production data, monitor and manage the entire programme and name a few – Sikora X- Ray Diameter Measurement system which is used in our High Voltage Cable production unit. All Extruders are equipped with Laser Diameter system coupled with PLC that not only produces Quality Cables but it also helps in optimizing the material consumption.

Our Digital Cable Cross Section Profiling machine, Spectral Equipment, App based data entry system, App based process monitoring system, ERP, Power BI for manufacturing, etc

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