Product Expertise: Leading provider of intelligent sensor solutions with an increasing focus on gate and door application

About BBC Bircher Smart Access:

BBC Bircher Smart Access offers intelligent sensor solutions that aims to protect the increasingly large flow of people and traffic all across the world and create access systems that are convenient to use and that saves energy.

Founded in 1957 near Schaffhausen, Switzerland, BBC Bircher Smart Access has grown into a leading provider of intelligent sensor solutions with an increasing focus on gate and door application.

Our international team of experts serves and supplies our customers and distributors on every continent. Across our network of international locations, BBC Bircher Smart Access develops, produces and sells innovative solutions for doors, gates and access points – both for public transport vehicles and for public and industrial buildings.

With people and vehicle flows growing around the world, ever greater demands are being placed on access points. BBC Bircher’s solutions meet the increasing needs for safety, hygiene, accessibility and energy efficiency.

Exceptional Quality is our Promise:

Whether it is an automatic train door, bus door , the door to a cold store or the entrance to a research laboratory, every application has different requirements when it comes to access solutions. That’s why, alongside our extensive product portfolio, we also offer our customers tailored sensor solutions for increasingly high requirements regarding safety, hygiene, accessibility and energy efficiency. This is what makes us one of the leading providers of sensor solutions for access systems. Every product that leaves our production facilities has undergone meticulous testing to ensure that it meets our quality standards.

Customer-Centric Approach:

Our tailored solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers. With their input, our team creates customised products and systems that are perfectly tailored to the customer’s needs and specifications. Our solutions benefit not only from our extensive experience, but also from the pioneering technologies we use in our software and hardware. We are always keen to break new ground and explore new avenues that will enable us to open the door – or the gate – to the future.

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