Product Expertise: Partial Discharge, Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Systems For MV Switchgear And Cables


To evaluate the health and lifetime of critical electrical assets in service, Permanent monitoring helps in giving trends of different monitoring parameters with time, helping in assessing the actual condition of the assets and hence the asset managers can go for condition-based-maintenance (CBM)

Altanova Group- Monitoring System TECHIMP and IntelliSAW combine the advance technologies to provide a cost-effective Permanent Monitoring of MV switchgears and Cable. Combine solution provided measurement of Partial Discharge, Temperature and Humidity.

ALTANOVA Group companies providing inhouse high performance sensors for PD measurement Like HFCT, TEV, Ultrasonic and Wireless Temperature & Humidity.

Techimp’s Monitoring Software:

The diagnostic algorithms implemented in TiSCADA software are based on the SID (Separation, Identification, Diagnosis) strategy and allow noise rejection, PD source separation and identification. ALTANOVA TECHIMP patented T/F- map technology provides a powerful and efficient diagnostic approach able to disentangle even the most critical PD phenomena, thus improving PD identification from different overlapping PD and noise sources.


Permanent monitoring of any electrical asset has proven to be successful when it comes to improve efficiency, reliability, and avoiding sudden failure. This helps in avoiding catastrophic failures, damage and economic losses to the utilities.

ALTANOVA Group’s monitoring system is assisting the asset managers all around the world to assess the health of their critical assets for a smooth and reliable functioning of electrical systems by providing state-of-the-art monitoring technology.

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