Product Expertise: Rattler – The Light Weight Rail Drilling Machine

COMPANY PROFILE BROACHCUTTER® brand was launched in 2011 , by Pioneer Intertrade Pvt. Ltd. Pioneer with its 40 years of experience in dealing with industrial products from leading global brands, launched Broachcutter Drilling Machines Pvt. Ltd. focusing on Magnetic Drilling Machines and Cutters.

BROACHCUTTER® is at a No. 1 position in India almost for a decade now. Today, thousands of machines and lakhs of cutters are working day in and day out at various project sites, factories, workshops etc. all over India. BROACHCUTTER® has achieved this position through its nationwide sales and service setup having extensive authorized dealer network. This spread is ably supported by BROACHCUTTER® ’s own sales and service staff. Broachcutter in getting most dependable design which offers its users – value for money.

PRODUCT INSIGHT – RATTLER® is a New Generation Light Weight Rail Track Drilling Machine – having unmatched features, such as –

  • ENGINE – Uses 4 stroke HONDA Petrol Engine (Serviceable worldwide)
  • LIGHT WEIGHT – Weighs only 17.5 Kgs. & has Compact Dimensions – 675 mm (L) X 275 mm (W) X 440mm (H) – it can be carried in one hand and operated by a single person.
  • RATTLER® – Can drill from 7.1 mm Diameter to 36mm Diameter hole in the rail web of any type and section of rails of 52 Kg to 60 kg having UTS of 70 kg/mm 2 to 110 2kg/mm.
  • Rattler® has a self – centering Strong Clamping System (Special Cam Lever Design with adjustable ratchet clamping) enables Quick Clamping & de-clamping of the machine on the track within seconds with Special Designed location guide plate suitable for 52 Kg as well as 60 Kg rails for high position and hole accuracy.
  • RATTLER® is capable of drilling holes in Rail Tracks within 30 to 40 secs. Thus from start to finish, drilling hole in rail track can be completed within 1 minute.
  • RATTLER® is capable of drilling holes in Rail Tracks also for the applications like;

                     1. Fish Plate Joint/Joggled Fish Plate Joint Holes

                     2. Combination Section Holes/Stock Rail Holes

                     3. Countersinking / Chamfering of Drilled Holes

RATTLER® is also available in electric motor driven type


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