Product Expertise: RDE OES the Latest in a String of Achievements by Metal Power to support an Atma Nirbhar Bharat


Metal Power, India’s leading OES manufacturer, has just launched its latest offering – a Rotating Disc Electrode Optical Emission Spectrometer (RDE OES), designed with the specific target of meeting the oil analysis requirements of bodies like Indian Railways, HAL and others. Each of these uses dozens to hundreds of these instruments, to ensure the safety of their engines. The Metavision-RX RDE OES is a direct response to the nation’s need for an indigenous solution to meet this critical need.

The Metavision-RX RDE OES:

The Metavision-RX RDE OES is market leader across parameters, offering a range of applications including wear element analysis, additive analysis, and contaminant analysis and has found wide acceptance immediately upon launch, including orders to supply Indian Railways as well as HAL. It boasts state-of-the-art design, including ultra-high-resolution CMOS/CCD optics with a dedicated Sulphur optics module. It simultaneously analyzes 33+ elements with complete spectral coverage from 165-800nm and is fully ASTM compliant. Users can remotely access analysis and diagnostic outputs through MetaCloud, using Android and iOS mobile devices or through web access. Metal Power was honoured with the Excellence in Rail and Metro Sector Award in the category of ‘Excellence in Instrumentation and Testing Equipment” at the Rail Analysis Innovation & Excellence Summit, 2023 for this product.

The Need for RDE OES:

Engines operate under extreme conditions making it essential to monitor their health regularly. Oil analysis is the ideal way to do this as it helps identify wear and contamination in critical components identify wear and contamination in critical components mi. such as engines, transmissions, and hydraulic systems,

Applications of RDE OES:

Oil analysis is crucial and industry and accepted technique to ensure the safety of engines across trains, automobiles, ships and aircraft. The main benefits of oil analysis are:

  • Detecting Wear and Contamination: Accumulation of wear metals and debris can lead to premature failure, which is costly and causes downtime. Regular oil sample monitoring can help identify abnormal wear pattems and the root cause of the problem. For example, high levels of iron in engine oil indicate potential bearing or piston ring issues, while high levels of silicon suggest contamination from dirt or sand.
  • Identifying Potential Problems in Fuel and Cooling Systems: Contamination from water, fuel, or coolant can lead to corrosion, blockages in fuel systems, and engine overheating. By monitoring oil samples, maintenance teams can detect these problems early and take preventive and/or corrective actions.
  • Optimizing Maintenance Schedules and Reducing Costs: Monitoring oil condition and performance helps maintenance teams determine when oil changes are necessary and plan maintenance activities accordingly. This leads to extended oil life, reduced oil consumption, and minimized waste.

About Metal Power:

Metal Power provides a comprehensive range of products, applications and services to meet the analytical needs of Production and Quality Control/Assurance Laboratories. The Company has 35+ years of experience in spectrometry and has a truly global presence, directly and indirectly supplying and servicing our customer base across 35+ countries spread over 6 continents. Metal Power’s clients include the largest and best companies in India and across the world, including Indian Railways, Sterlite, Tata Steel, Godrej & Boyce, ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel, L&T, Bharat Forge and 3,500+ others.

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