Product Expertise: Rugged Mobile Computing Solutions

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Getac is a rugged mobile computer manufacturer based in Taiwan, originally founded in the year 1989 as a joint venture with GE Aerospace, the brand today has become an established and reputed manufacturer of extensive rugged computing product lines covering from Laptops, tablets and handhelds, and the ruggedness level ranges from fully rugged to semi- rugged. Getac computers are reliable especifically designed for extreme environment & for conditions which are unfavorable for electronic equipments. Getac rugged laptops, tablets & handhelds are shock, drop, dust vibration , water proof, comes with inbuilt GPS, 4G LTE support, sunlight readable screen, integrated 9PIN Serial RS232/RS422 ports as per globally accepted Military standard certification (810G & 461F) and ingress protection rating of IP65 & IP67.

Yes, So you must be thinking where exactly these rugged computers are utilized, well in current times where operations and offices are not just limited inside the four walls of the buildings these rugged computers are required outside the office environment in the field for applications ranging from field data collection, calibration of microprocessor based machines, maintenance and periodic checking of these machines etc. and one such industry where Getac tough computers are being utilized globally is of course Railways , these rugged computers are being utilized globally by railway industry for several application to name a few are:

Track maintenance machines:

Getac is being supplied as a tool to calibrate, give command & to also diagnose & for maintenance ofdifferent track maintenance machines.

Diagnostic Tool kit:

Getac is being supplied as a rugged data terminal of Bombardiers diagnostic tool kit box for Locomotives.

Accident Relief Train:

Getac computers are being utilised as a tool to fetch data from microprocessor based locomotives engines at accident sites to know the last run history of the engines , which tremendously helps the concerned staff to understand the cause of accident.

Diagnostic tool for electric loco:

These computers are supplied as control command & diagnostic tool along with propulsion system for electric loco engines.

Maintenance Sheds:

Utilised globally for maintenance & fault diagnostics of locomotives at railway maintenance shed.

Paperless Job:

Getac tablets with its light weight design & inbuilt 4G/GPS capabilities which are topped up with rugged features has replaced registers/log books which were traditionally used to maintain records, now these records are simply fed into the tablets at every site & directly gets saved to the central server, and is available for cross checking simply with few clicks.

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