Product Expertise: Solution provider for Safety Systems for the Railway sector

About Kernex Microsystems:

Founded in 1911 in Hyderabad India, Kernex Microsystems (India) Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified embedded solutions provider and system integrator with proven track record in providing Embedded Electronics Solutions, operating under stringent / harsh environmental conditions for the Railroad industry.

Our capabilities include Concept to Design, Manufacture, Installation and support, on turnkey basis. Our Solutions enable customers to maximize and optimize their resources and in accelerating time-to market for a broad range of applications.

Core Competencies and Business Focus:

We pride ourselves in providing state of the art solutions in the following fields:

  • Safety Systems for the Railway sector.
  • Field testing, Verification & Validation of Railway Safety Equipment.
  • Customized Embedded Product Engineering & Development.
  • Environmental testing services.
  • Manufacture, Erection, Installation & Commissioning of Turnkey Projects.

Major Products:

  • Level Crossing Control System.
  • Anti Collision System (ACD).
  • Train Collision Avoidance System (IRATP).
  • Yard Management System.

Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS):

TCAS is a customized Automatic Train Protection system for Indian Railways. It is an Automatic Train Protection System meant to provide protection by preventing trains to pass signal at Danger (Red), excessive speed over turnouts / Speed restrictions and to avoid the situation in which more than one trains are on the same track to cause collision, in case operations are not able to control so. It also provides assistance to Loco Pilots by means of real-time display of signal aspects in Loco Pilot’s cab.

TCAS can be customized to suit the existing interlocking systems and is designed for speeds up to 200 Kmph. Further, it is certified to Safety Integrity Level – 4 as prescribed in relevant CENELEC standards.

TCAS can be customized to the requirements of various foreign railways within a year after the finalization of System Requirements. TCAS can be integrated with End of Train Telemetry (EoTT), Guidance for Optimized Loco Driving (GOLD) and Rail Fracture Detection System (RFDS) to make it a comprehensive protection system and folding the path for ATO. It can also be made as Next Generation ATP system by integrating the various performance criteria on AI and ML.

Global Presence and Customers:

Kernex is serving global customers in addition to Indian Railways with operations in SriLanka, Egypt, South Africa, USA etc. With more than two decades of proven track record the company is poised to expand its global footprint with diversified product portfolio in the coming years.

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