Product Expertise: Special Solutions for Tunnel and Underground Mining Industry

GTA goes India..

… but not alone. GTA is proud to have a well-known and high performing partner on his side in India. Together we want to help and support potential clients with the GTA tunnel and underground mining solutions. GTA, a German company with more than 41 years experiences, develops special solutions for the tunnel and underground mining industry that offer a high level of operational safety, performance, and user friendliness. It is all about parallelization of working processes. Here are some of our solutions listed like: Monorail Drilling Units; Support Manipulators; Swiveling Platforms; Customized Machines; Battery and Diesel Powered Monorails; Steel Support Setting Devices; Uphill Excavator for e.g. escalator shafts; Tunnel Enlargement Portals; Vehicles with Lifting platforms and with steel arch segment manipulators as well for tunnel construction.

GTA Tunneling systems has been used in St. Gothart tunnel in Switzerland, Tulon tunnel in France, Mosco Metro and many more tunnels across the Globe.

GTA® – Lifter 1600TGTA® – Lifter 750D:

Equipped with a manipulator to carry Equipped with two working steel arch segments (payload of 1.200kg). baskets. Each can carry 750kg. and two working baskets. Each can the baskets are equipped with a carry 200kg. device to carry grid arches.

TAM 8500 for conventional tunneling. Two drilling units can be used for drilling umbrellas as well as blast holes and setting bolts. The two baskets allow safe steel mash installation and with the integrated manipulator you can set steel arch segments with a weight up to 2.500kg. Reference: Toulon (France).


  • Higher advance rate
  • High labour safety
    High flexibility
  • Ergonomic working
  • Space underneath for other units

DCS, having, established itself as a reliable partner and solution provider to a number of listed OEM’s is partnering with GTA. DCS has been serving construction and mining customer segment from past 23 years.

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