Product Expertise: STARSIM- Loco / Metro Driving Simulator – An Economic Full Capability solution

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The Indian Railways and Metros has a huge task of training and development of skills for its staff. CC Engineers has been developing innovative and economical training solutions to satisfy the needs of the Rail industry. One of the biggest challenges is to impart safety critical driving and troubleshooting skills along with all required procedures to be followed in cases of Unusual occurrences. The present solution involving a full-scale driver cab with a 6 DOF is not economical and requires supplementary infrastructure making it further prohibitory.

The STARSIM system provides the following benefits:

  • Lower cost of capital / Option for PPP model / Rental model with lock in period
  • Can be accommodated in existing Buildings
  • Optionally 2/3 DOF motion systems could be added as an attachment.
  • Flexibility in interchanging Driver desks
  • All Exercises and Evaluation systems of a Full-Scale 6 DOF simulator can be conducted
  • Supplemented by Knowledge modules with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Faster delivery: Within 3 months

The STARSIM solution aims at addressing these issues. The Simulator set up consists of comprehensive training facilities which includes:

  • Set of Five Driver desks simulators (DDS)
  • Corresponding five sets of Observation cum CBT stations (OCS)
  • One Common instructor station (CIS) to control and monitor all activities.

Each DDS will have the following features:

  • 1:1 Driver desk replica with microprocessor screens / touch panels
  • Large LCD screen displaying photorealistic Visual simulation using SOVAC technology
  • Wireless headphone-based sound simulation
  • Communication with related OCS and CIS.
  • 3D Machine room to move across the complete locomotive for troubleshooting
  • CCTV linked student monitoring system.
  • Complete simulation exercises required for
    • Route Learning Exercises
    • Troubleshooting Exercises
    • Safe Braking
    • Ideal traction runs
    • Energy Efficiency Runs
    • Coupler Forces

Each OCS consists of:

  • Three stations for observing exercise conducted on DDS
  • Complete CBT package for Knowledge based multimedia learning for rolling stock.
  • Advanced exercises using Virtual reality / Mixed Reality for procedural training

The Common Instructor Station (CIS) will have:

  • Monitoring through a Learning Management system
  • Capability to observe one / all DDS and communicate with each trainee independently
  • Exercise generation software

The STARSIM architecture promises to provide a solution to the long-standing demand for economical simulators which use state of the art simulation technologies. The flexibility in funding the system also provides multiple options to finance the same.

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