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1989 was years starting a new Era in the field of Quality Hydraulics. Now famous Hydropack was established by a group of young technocrats who were rich by experience and knowledge In the field. Today It has grown Into India’s foremost hydraulic equipment manufacturing company “HYDROPACK (INDIA) PVT. LTD.” Success is not a one-man show. Hydropack has always been driven by the needs of our customers & this has formed the foundation or our business model, by focusing our resources on providing quality product and un-matched service & support.

Hydraulic Bogie Test Stand – BTS – Capacity – 40T – Stroke – 600mm

The bogie test stand allows simulating load of a vehicle or locomotive body in order to control the wheel load and other Important functions on a bogie after Were assembling or before disassembling in the workshop. The bogie test  allows a quick test of the conditions of a bogie before the maintenance starts. The result is a base for the planning of the process. After maintaining, exchanging components and assembling, the bogie and its functions can be examined entirely. This is the only way to assure that the components have been assembled correctly. It is much faster and economic to do modifications soon after realizing an error on the bogie stand than disassembling cabin of a vehicle after wheel weighing. The test result which is the quality and function report, is automatically stored and can be recalled at the time of an emergence.  After all the test’s, values are stored In PC and can saved in the form of Reports.

Hydropack Bogie testing machine includes features as:

  1. Load Test
  2. Graph for Load v/s Deflection
  3. Accuracy of Measurements +/- 1mm
  4. Linear scale for Stroke measurement

Hydraulic Bogie Testing machine – BTM – Capacity – 5OT – Stroke – 500mm

The Bogie Testing Machine – BTM is the renowned product Of Hydrapack & has been supplied almost around 16 machines through-out of the depots in India. The Hydropack Bogie Testing Machine is based on long standing experience & well accepted by market for Its Quality. Accuracy, Timely delivery & Service. The Bogie Testing Machine allows simulating Ioad of a vehicle or locomotive body in order to control the Ioad coming on the suspension and other important functions on a bogie after assembling or before disassembling in the workshop. The bogie testing machine comes with a single cylinder unit tied-up with pressure pad for synchronous loading, When the loading starts the SCADA system with HMI installed in the machine records the test results & stores. The test results which arestored are automatically can be recalled at the time of an emergence. lt is much faster, easy for handling effortless from working point of view Accuracy of measurements is given as +/.1mm. The cycle time required to complete the test is-15-20 mm minutes. After all the test, values are stored in PC and can be saved in the form of Reports

Highlights of Bogie Test Stands are:

  • Indigenously developed
  • Easy availability of spares
  • Prompt & efficient after sales service.

Our Services:

  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Training
  • Calibration
  • Tele – Maintenance
  • Service contracts
  • Spare parts 
  • Upgrades
  • Very well educated a multilingual service engineers carry out an optimum support during the entire lifetime of machine.

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