Product Expertise: ZF Technology for Metros- New Modular Metro Gearbox “ EcoMet ”

ZF EcoMet is the new gearbox family for metro applications which operate up to a maximum speed of up to 120 km/h.

Gearbox models are available for variable center distances and with variable transmission ratios. The average ground clearance for EcoMet is 50 mm (for a wheel diameter of 840/770 mm). High-quality, standardized components mean that the product can be supplied quickly at an excellent price.

In the new EcoMet metro gearbox variable ratios and center distances were factored into the development stage for the housing. This cuts down on production effort as well as on costs and improves the stated lead times significantly.

Another benefit : As ZF uses standardized components with our tried-and-tested standard quality, the gearbox can already be supplied with basic coverage in terms of product liability. This provides savings on testing and homologation costs for the customer.

Thanks to harmonized and streamlined logistics processes, the product can be supplied within eight months, with the appropriate coupling and torque reaction support.

Highlights :

  • Sleek housing that takes up minimal installation space
  • Noise-optimized design
  • Basic coverage in terms of product liability on lubrication, impermeability, acoustics and load duty cycles
  • Customer specific test-program available as an option
  • Coupling adapted to customer’s service portfolio

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