Providing Reliable And Intelligent Solutions For The Most Advanced Train Applications

Iveonet™ has been part of Nivox Technologies™, A leading supplier of Industrial Ethernet products, Rugged Fiber Optic Products and solutions for various industries worldwide. Coming together as one, Iveonet™ and Nivox Technologies™ offer an exclusive capability to provide customers with an unmatched combination of products for Railways, Enterprise, Process Automation, Datacom, Premise wiring, Oil & Gas, Utility and security markets with more complete and innovative solutions to meet their needs today and in the future.

Building on our extensive service abilities, Iveonet ™ has grown to become leading manufacturer and supplier of Rugged fiber optic networking Products. At Iveonet ™, we want to be your fiber optic solutions partner for the next generation Railway Technologies. Please explore these product solutions our company has to offer and we look forward to showing you the Iveonet ™ difference.

Iveonet™ has been developing and manufacturing high-quality products specifically for the railway sector, providing reliable and intelligent solutions for the most advanced train applications.

Iveonet™ products are successfully deployed around the world and used in all types of applications, including BMRCL, CMRCL, NMRC, MEGA Metro and many more.


  • Fiber Connectivity & Management Products
  • Fiber Optic Centric Design and Manufacturing
  • High Volume Manufacturing of a Diverse Product Mix
  • High Quality and Exceptional Performance
  • Rapid Customer Response and Service Excellence
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customer Focus and Application Solution Approach


  • On-board Networking Switches for Rail-train,
  • Metro and Tram
  • Multifunction Wi-Fi + LTE Routers
  • EN50155 Standard L2+ Ethernet Switches
  • Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • Industrial Media Converters
  • Complete End-To-End Fiber Active & Passive Products
  • CAT6 / CAT6A / CAT7 Ethernet Solutions

This article is a part of our June 2019 Magazine.