Pune Metro Update: Range Hill Car depot work completed and trial run is conducted till Range Hill metro station

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Pune Metro’s PCMC metro station to Phugewadi metro station stretch has a coach maintenance depot at Range hill (behind the Agriculture College) where the Range Hill Metro Car Depot has been constructed.

More Details:

  • Similarly, in the Vanaz to Ramwadi stretch, a car maintenance depot has been constructed, Kothrud Hill View Car Park Depot (old Kachra dumping site).
  • On 29th Nov 2022, the work of the Range Hill Metro car Depot was completed and there was a trial run conducted from Range Hill Car Depot to Range Hill Metro Station.
  • At 5:15 pm the metro train left the Range Hill Metro car Depot and at 5:35 pm crossing the 1km distance, it reached the Range Hill metro station.

  • Test was conducted as per the schedule and as per planned objectives and in the next few days, trial runs will be conducted from Range Hill depot to Shivaji Nagar underground metro station and this will be extended up to Civil Court metro station.
  • Range Hill Metro car Depot has the capacity of maintaining 18 train coaches. The depot has 18 stabilizing lines, 3 inspection bay lines, 4 repair bay lines, 1 pit-wheel lathe line, and 1 Engineering Train unit line (ETU).
  • For coach maintenance and cleaning, an Automatic Car Washing Plant (ACWP) has also been constructed. Pit Wheel lathe line, Pit-Jack, Mobile-Jack, bogie test stand, EOT Crane are just a few machinery to name which have been installed and commissioned at the Range Hill Metro car Depot.

  • The depot has a total area of 12.1 hectares. Property Development (PD) has also been planned at the Range Hill Metro car Depot which will benefit the metro with non-fare box revenue.
  • The ETU building, Integrated Workshop building, Pit-Wheel Lathe shed building and the Admin building have been very recently completed. Not to mention, Metro’s Operation & Command Control Centre (OCC) work was completed 2 months ago.
  • At present, Range Hill Metro car Depot has received 4 coaches and their testing work is on-going.

On this occasion, the Managing Director of Maha Metro Dr. Brijesh Dixit said, “Today marks the completion of work of Range Hill Metro car Depot and the trial run from Range Hill Car Depot to Range Hill Metro Station is an important milestone for Pune Metro. Soon Phugewadi Station to Civil Court Station will be tested and this route will be opened for the public in the next few months.”

Source: Pune Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Pune Metro

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