Pune Metro Update: Trial run conducted in underground section between Range Hill Car Depot to Civil Court metro station

Trial Run conducted in Pune Metro’s underground section, metro train runs from the elevated section to the underground Civil Court interchange station.

More Details:

  • In the 17.4 km route from Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) Metro Station to Swargate of Pune Metro, the 6 km route from Shivajinagar to Swargate is underground. The tunnel work of this underground route was completed on 4th June 2022 with the help of the tunnel boring machine (TBM).
  • Tracks, overhead electric wires (OHE), and signalling work were then carried out in the metro tunnels. Today on 6th December 2022, a 3 km metro train trial run was conducted from Range Hill Car Depot to Range Hill elevated metro station and then from Range Hill elevated metro Station to Shivajinagar Metro Station and then to Civil Court Interchange Metro Station.
  • Among the important stages of Pune Metro, this stage is very important from the technical point of view. 85% of the work of Pune Metro has been completed and the remaining works are going on in full swing. With every passing day, Pune Metro is trying to achieve one milestone every day.

  • Underground works are technically very challenging. During the construction of the tunnel, large quantities of debris were brought up from 70 to 80 feet below the ground and disposed of properly at the right place. Also, for subway stations, cut and cover technology is used, and pits have to be dug and constructed from below.
  • Shivaji Nagar, Civil Court, Budhwar Peth, Mandai, and Swargate are very congested places and transporting goods/materials from these areas is very dangerous. Transport vehicles used to bring goods/materials to and from this place only between 12:00 am and 5:00 am. Working under such challenging conditions, Metro has completed the underground line from Range hill to Civil Court, and this has made our underground metro trial possible.
  • Today’s trial run began at exactly 3:20 pm from the Range Hill Car Depot. From Range Hill Car Depot to Range Hill elevated metro station, the train reached the station by moving on the ramp. There the driver changed his compartment and then from Range Hill elevated metro station the metro train reached the Shivaji nagar underground Metro Station, crossing the Shivaji Nagar metro station it reached the Civil Court Interchange Underground Station.

  • For this trial run, all the departments of Metro including tracks, electricity, signalling, maintenance and operations were continuously working since last week. This trial run took 30 minutes and the test was carried out as planned and scheduled.

On this occasion, the Managing Director of Maha Metro Dr. Brijesh Dixit said, “Today’s underground metro trial run was technically very challenging and complex. The employees of Pune Metro were working round the clock for this trial run. I congratulate them all. 85% of the work of Pune Metro has been completed and it is progressing towards completion step by step. In the next few months, the Phugewadi to Civil Court and Garware to Civil Court routes will be completed and opened for passengers.”

Source: Pune Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Pune Metro