R. S. Infraprojects bags contract for Railway Electrification and Signaling & Telecommunication works on Mavli-Bari Sadri section

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The RITES Limited has issued Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to R. S. Infraprojects Pvt Ltd for Railway Electrification of 25 kV OHE works including SPs/SSPs, General Electrification, Civil Engineering Works including Tower Wagon Shed, Service Buildings, Staff Quarters, Track works and Signaling & Telecommunication works on existing track of single line section of Mavli (Excl)-Bari Sadri(Incl) 82.01 RKM (83.52 TKM) section of Ajmer Division of North Western Railway, Rajasthan, India”.

  • Tender Reference Number: RITES/CO/EE/OHE/REWorks/MVJ_BI
  • Awarded Value: INR 56.49 Crore
  • Completion Period: 12 Months

In January this year, RITES had invited online open e-tenders for the Tender Ref No: RITES/CO/EE/OHE/REWorks/MVJ_BI

Brief Scope of Work:

Railway Board has allotted Execution of Railway Electrification work of Mavli (Excl)-Bari Sadri (Incl) 82.01 RKM (83.52 TKM) section of Ajmer Division of North Western Railway, Rajasthan, India to RITES.

This RE work shall broadly include Civil, S&T and Electrical related works:

  • Provision of OHE on Mavli (Excl)- Bari Sadri (Incl) single line section.
  • Modification (Indoor and Outdoor) to telecommunication system to suit 25 kV A.C. traction as per existing guidelines..
  • Provision of service buildings and staff quarters along with associated civil engineering works.
  • Tower Wagon siding for Tower Wagon including inspection pit etc.
  • Co-ordination & Liasioning, if required, with state electricity authorities.
  • Modification of Power Line Crossings.

Civil Works:

  • Establishment of survey control points for accurate survey using high end survey equipment such as DGPS and Total Station connected with nearest GTS Bench Mark and establishment of pillars.
  • Co-ordination & liasioning for Land Acquisition for Traction Sub Station, Quarters,
  • Service Buildings , transmission line etc, if any.
  • Planning, Design and Construction/Raising of Foot Over Bridge ,if any.
  • Planning, designing and construction of Service buildings, OHE cum PSI depot, TSS, TWS, SP/SSP’s Buildings, AEE office cum Training Centre if any , TRD office, S&T structures Relay Room, Battery Rooms etc. as per approved drawing and client requirements.
  • Planning , Design and Construction of Residential Quarters (Type -2 , Type-3 and Type -4) with water supply and sewerage facilities, drainage, Service roads, approach road, Boundary walls etc. at different locations as per approved drawing and clients requirements.
  • Water Supply arrangements for the Residential Quarters, office building, Service buildings etc. as per approved drawing and clients requirements.
  • Transportation, handling, stacking, watching, protection, etc for the construction and Track materials from manufacturer’s works / place of purchase to the working sites.
  • Testing of Material, Quality of works, documentation as per ISO and RDSO/ railway specifications and ensuring Precautionary measurements/ safety arrangements.
  • Providing Ready Mix Concrete from reputed supplier of RMC as per approved design Mix, drawings, specifications and contract agreement.
  • Protection works for bridges: Protective screens at FOB’s, ROB’s etc. Raising of FOB in the section.
  • Modification in the platform shelters, passenger amenities and miscellaneous works as per clients requirements/approved drawing.
  • Provision of Height gauges at Level Crossings.
  • Construction of LHS/RUB/ROB in replacement of Level Crossings as per client’s requirements. 
  • Provision of Permanent Way Linking, construction for TWS & TSS at different locations as per Railway requirements.
  • Preparation and supply of “As Built” drawings. 

Signaling & Telecommunication works:

  • Modifications in existing S&T plans/drawings for 25 kV ACT system between MVJ (Excl)- BI (Incl)
  • Preparation of new S&T plans & other drawings.
  • Modifications in existing signaling installation at stations and mid-section LC gates for 25 KV ACT between MVJ (Excl)- BI (Incl)
  • Replacement of existing single line block instruments by single line block instruments suitable for 25 KVACT between MVJ (Excl)- BI (Incl)
  • Provision of additional signal cables for signaling modifications and Quad & OF cables for additional telecom requirements for RE.
  • Provision of additional telecom facilities.
  • Provision of communication media for SCADA.
  • Execution of S&T work and commissioning S&T system as per NWR practices/approvals.
  • Preparation of as made drawings.
  • Other works as mentioned in S&T BOQ and elsewhere mentioned in tender document

Note:-Provision of TPC phones at SP/SSP/stations, telephone at residences/way side offices and provision of telecom work for SCADA is included in the scope of work.

Electrical Works:

  • Supply & installation of 25 KV single Phase AC overhead equipment and all associated works including preparation of all related drawings.
  • Construction of switching posts (Sectioning Posts, Sub Sectioning Posts) , Maintenance Depots etc.
  • Electrification of Service buildings, Residential Buildings, FOBs/ROBs and LC gates etc.
  • Modifications to existing 11kV & 33 kV overhead Power Line Crossings if any.
  • Liaisoning with State Electricity Authorities / Board (RVPN) and other related Government Agency for Power supply arrangement from utility/ State.
  • Modification in LT distribution lines at stations as required, to provide necessary safety and electrical clearance required for 25 kV AC electrification
  • Provision/expansion of rooms for SCADA equipment’s, UPS, work stations etc. in the existing SCADA Centre located at Ajmer, if any. 
  • Modification in the existing SCADA system, SCADA work at TSS, SP and SSPs including four(04) years of comprehensive maintenance.
  • Training of staff for 25 kV AC Traction system, if any.
  • And all allied works necessary for successful completion of the project including Maintenance & supervision of the entire system during defect liability period of the project.

About R. S. Infraprojects Pvt Ltd:

  • R.S. Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd. is a growing infrastructure Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) company in India, engaged in projects in the power transmission and telecommunication sectors. 
  • The company’s focus on timely execution of projects and the quality of construction services makes R.S. Infra a trusted partner for many domestic and international clients in both the private and the public sector. 
  • The company’s EPC business is supplemented by its manufacturing capabilities, with three factories set up in the Greater Noida Area.
  • The company has a capacity of 65,000 MTs of galvanized steel structures per annum, with a larger capacity expansion in the works.

About RITES Limited:  

  • RITES Limited is a Miniratna (Category-I) Schedule ‘A’ Public Sector Enterprise and a leading player in the transport consultancy and engineering sector in India, having diversified services and geographical reach.
  • Company has an experience spanning 46 years and has undertaken projects in over 55 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, South America and the Middle East region.
  • RITES Limited is the only export arm of Indian Railways for providing rolling stock overseas (other than Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia).
  • RITES Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 company, is a multi-disciplinary consultancy organization in the fields of transport, infrastructure and related technologies. 
  • It provides a comprehensive array of services under a single roof and believes in transfer of technology to client organizations. 
  • In overseas projects, RITES actively pursues and develops cooperative links with local consultants / firms, as means of maximum utilization of local resources and as an effective instrument of sharing its expertise.

Source: RITES-Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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