Rail Coach Factory to manufacture 30 Vistadome coaches for Kalka-Shimla Railway

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Rail Coach Factory will manufacture 30 Narrow Gauge Vistadome coaches for Kalka-Shimla Railway. The Ministry of Railways has advised RCF to take up manufacture of coaches in the next few months with upgraded state-of-the-art passenger interface areas. Presently, Integral Coach Factory, Chennai is manufacturing such types of coaches.

  • Rail Coach Factory is the reputed manufacturer of LHB coaches for premium and mail/express trains, besides manufacturing Meter Gauge coaches for export.
  • RCF has developed the initial designs for new NG coaches based o­n LHB technology. 
  • This includes a lightweight shell design configured to provide different types of coaches to meet various business demands and passenger aspirations including vistadome designs with panoramic windows. 
  • In addition to the new shell, it is planned to upgrade bogies and the brake system helping in to bring a significant improvement in speed potential from existing 25/35 kmph to 40/55 kmph. 
  • The coaches will also be equipped with modern safety features viz. CCTV and fire alarm etc.
  • Besides above , the main attraction of coaches will be design incorporating large and wider windows with provision of opening that offer a panoramic view of the passing landscape, see-through glass rooftop for mesmerising views, aesthetically textured interior FRP panels, reclined seats that can rotate up to 180 degrees in the direction of the train’s movement, restaurant type sitting arrangement with snack table for each seat, automatic body side plug doors etc. 
  • The RCF built NG coaches o­niconic Kalka Shimla railway track will embark a new outlook towards the stretch and provide a magical view to witness as the train chugs along the mountains.
  • RCF will undertake the manufacturing of Executive AC Chair car, AC 2nd Class Chair car, General sitting and SLR coaches.
  • The first prototype rake of these Narrow Gauge coaches will be ready by December, this year.

Source: RCF, Kapurthala-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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