RailTel invites EOI for commissioning of IT infrastructure system and application system on back-to-back basis

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RailTel Corporation of India Ltd. (RCIL) has invited Expression of Interest (EOI) for Selection of Systems Integrator & Implementation Partner for “Supply, installation and commissioning of IT infrastructure system and application system for Customer of RailTel.” . 

  • Tender Reference Number: RailTel/EOI/NR/BA/20-21/Business Delivery/RO/2 
  • Name of work: Supply, installation and commissioning of IT infrastructure system and application system for Customer of RailTel.
  • Period Of Work(Days): 2520 
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 01-Mar-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 03-Mar-2021 
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 01-Mar-2021 
  • Bid Submission End Date: 03-Mar-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 03-Mar-2021  

Scope of Work:

  • Customer of RailTel (COR) has its own captive network in which these IT infrastructure would become a part of Upgradation of IT Systems is planned to enhance the security of applications and to replace obsolete IT infrastructure, connected endpoint and hosted data/applications with contemporary technology which will drive the security requirement of Buyer core IT Infrastructure and deployed endpoints for another 7- 10 years. 


  • The project including delivery, installation and commissioning of Upgradation of IT Systems, pan India at geographically distributed sites (05 COR sites) and five Data centres. Delivery and installation of all hardware as per the specifications given in Annexure 1 to Appendix ‘A’ to all sites and implementation of software & services for all endpoint users and hosted application/ data would be part of the scope of work for this project. 
  • All hardware and software i.r.o. The project needs to be delivered to all consignee address locations spread across India within Five months from the date of signing of the Supply Order. The details of locations will only be shared after signing of the NDA certificate by the Seller and to the L1 bidder only. 


  • Any storage disk/media in any of the solutions will be retained by Buyer in case of un-serviceability of hardware or RMA or change of any device. In any case, no storage disk/media will be handed over back to OEM/Bidder after it is delivered to BUYER once. 
  • There must be unconditional warranty support for any disk/drives/item for Two years after warranty starts duly after completion of Acceptance Test. 
  • All hardware/servers supplied as part of solution must be 19″ rack mountable and must adhere to space conserving design. All required hardware sizing including OEM recommended compute and storage for optimal performance of solution is to be provided by Bidder. 
  • In case any RFC or IEEE or standard mentioned in the document is superseded or declared obsolete, solution/equipment must support equivalent or better standards  applicable at the time of tendering or project execution. 

Software Management:

  • The contract includes software of two types One is the software that comes aS part of solution and the second is the software that is part of deliverables which is required to be provided to the COR, to implement it in a manner in which it is desired, Both these types of software would be managed differently by the Seller. 
  • For all softwares, the Seller will provide any firmware/software upgradation free of cost for all devices/applications/services provided under this contract, whenever a new version is released for the devices/service/solution during support & service period. All essential patch/signature/ software will be provided by the Seller for complete project life cycle including AMC i.e. support & service period. Seller will also provide a user account for the OEM customer portal to have access to download the latest firmware/signature update, to check the inventory status and access to knowledge/technology repository of the OEM. This account should also have the support to raise Technical Assistance cases with OEM by Buyer team. The details of the account will be shared to the successful bidder during the finalisation of the ATP. 
  • Seller will be responsible for version management of each type of software on the IT asset management application during the project implementation stage. Thereafter SELUP will gracefully integrate the version management software to the Buyer’s IT Enterprise Management software. 
  • User accounts will be created for Buyer i.e.COR, at the central services portal of the OEMs. All support services from OEM will be directly transferred to BUYER and will be linked and visible to Buyer user accounts to ensure transparent online visibility i.r.o.all hardware inventory, software licensing,products support type of service support and duration of support. Seller will ensure all support & licenses from OEM are directly contracted in the name of COR and all supports, services, premium Support services from OEM are directly provided to Buyer. Licensing and support services will not (R) not be in the name of vendor or sub- vendor and will be directly delivered to Buyer. Acceptance Test certificate will be issued to the vendor after the account has been created for Buyer and all hardware inventory, software licensing, products support, type of service support and duration of support is captured as a part of this. 
  • The project scope also envisages certain softwares which would be part of deliverables only. These software licenses should be directly handed over to the Buyer at the time of delivery of stores. These licenses would be deployed at the discretion of the Buyer. Some of these licenses may also be used as part of the project and in all cases the OEM through the Seller would provide all support as envisaged as part of the product. Certain DB and OS softwares licenses come with on premise support in terms of man days at the Buyers premises and these are to be included and provided directly to the Buyer. The discretion of this on premise use of man days support from OEM would be purely in consultation with the Buyer.
  • All licenses provided as part of a contract should be available for offline activation and should not require an active Internet for activation. 

E-Bid submission only at https://railtel.enivida.com.  

Source: RailTel-Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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